About Club Exotica

The bay area-based two-person production dream team Club Exotica has been creating what guests have declared to be the most epic playful parties on the planet, and still they keep getting sexier and hotter. Of course, such praise does not come easily. Since 2002, Fuzzy -- social artist, producer, chocolatier, and coach -- and Love Jocelyn  -- a social visionary artists at creating sensual majick and play,  music and event producer -- have been coming together to create high-end events for the community to explore self-expression, intimacy, relationships and creativity. These are heart connected sexy events that bring together the underground dance, spiritual, art, fashion, and performance communities of the Bay Area. More recently, Club Exotica has focused on creating exclusive events for the social cutting edge west coast festival culture and communities.

Indeed, guests are not only invited to enjoy the events (and the other guests), they are also expected to co-create the event through costuming and participation. Club Exotica believes that through participation, commitment, and agreement, each person contributes to the vibe of the event and its continued success. As such, the guests, volunteers, performers, live and electronic music, delicious food, amazing venue, decor, and lighting create a stunningly transformative experience for anyone lucky enough to attend!

What Club Exotica events ARE is a place for people to be fully self-expressed, connect, explore, and celebrate. Love Jocelyn and Philippe believe that “sexy” is better defined by how vibrant, fun, creative, playful people are with each other. Thus, each event becomes a social experiment, truly a piece of temporary social art where guests get to discover new ways to celebrate and love each other from a place of full self-expression and freedom.