Each of our events are co-created pieces of temporary social art which bring together theme, venue, characters, acts, performances, music (DJ's and live), decor, food, volunteers, invite and a sexy/sensual/hot flavor. These ingredients, in turn, invite the final and (in many ways) most important ingredients -- the guests -- to create a beautiful and inspiring masterpiece we call a "playful party".

When we craft these parties, we look for the best of all these elements. For various acts and performances, what makes them "best" to us is not only skill and experience, but also a desire to contribute personally to the event. This is, in fact, the gift we ask of each of the guest who attend our events: that they bring something to share, whether it be $, time/effort or a particular act, and a deep desire to connect. And as we continue to work together and Club Exotica grows and becomes more sustainable, so will the possibilities of $ being part of the equation for you. But mainly, we care that you desire to share yourself and your skills, and be at our event in that context.

If you feel inspired to contribute in one of the following ways, feel free to contact us here.

Decor & Lighting

While the venue provides an amazing container for the event, further decor is generally needed to visually and sensually create the theme and flavor of the event. This is much more than hanging a bit of fabric, building some structures or plugging in some lights; this is about giving guests the impression of walking into an alternate reality where they can become more or other than who they usually are.


Just want to help but have no specific preference? We often need help in the following areas: door, greeting, setup, strike, food prep, security, etc. Just contact us when you hear about an event and we'll let you know how you can help!