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Featuring SF's Most Exclusive Venue

SupperClub SF
657 Harrison St.

with Big Sound by Know Audio


Featuring Music by

Stephan Jacobs

Stephan Jacobs has established himself as one of the most exciting young producers in the electronic dance music scene. With a tremendous work ethic and an ability to captivate large crowds during his speaker-shaking live shows, his unique blend of filthy basslines, heavy beats and infectious melodies is unmatched.
As one of the original members of the Headtron crew, the prolific producer is constantly creating new music and embracing creative collaborations which allow him to tap into his many musical influences. After putting out several well-received EPs on notable electronic labels like Rottun Recordings, Muti Music and Simplify Recordings, Jacobs created his own, Bass Cartel, for the release of his self-titled debut album. The result is an impressive body of work that bursts with raw energy, epic bass and strong production. 
The booming electronic music scene has taken notice as 2012 marked Stephan Jacob’s busiest touring schedule to date. He was personally selected to perform at a few key dates with Pretty Lights on his sold-out “Illumination” tour, as well as getting a featured spot on the second annual IDentity Festival alongside EDM heavyweights like Nero, Wolfgang Gartner, Excision and Porter Robinson. In the Autumn he celebrated his debut album release by teaming with ill.Gates for the raucous “Church of Bass” tour. Big things are already on the 2013 horizon as Jacobs is slated to bring his energetic live show to the first ever all electronic music stage at the iconic Van’s Warped Tour.
By always striving to push both himself and his music in exciting new directions, Jacobs continues to progress while expanding his fanbase at the same time by transcending genres. With major tours and a well-received debut album now under his belt, Stephan Jacobs is already assembling an arsenal of new music, along with a revamped live show that will see the producer continue to cement his status as future electronic dance music superstar.
Catch him here before he goes out on the the Warped Tour!


Over the last two years, the original sounds of Los Angeles based producer ChrisB. have taken the underground electronic music scene by storm. Drawn to music at an early age, Chris always had an instrument in his hands while embracing everything from hip-hop and funk, to jazz and classic rock. His passion for songwriting lead him to playing guitar in bands throughout his formative years, but it wasn’t until being exposed to the cutting-edge sounds of electronic music that he realized his true creative calling.
Always eager to push himself, ChrisB. spends countless hours in the studio sharpening his own production skills, where his notoriously deep and sensual soundscapes take over the dance floor. But don’t get it twisted, it’s not all chocolates and silk panties. Armed with a voracious appetite for exploring new sounds, ChrisB. can set any party off with his glitchy, crunk-heavy beats and hard-hitting 808‘s. Always striving to strike the perfect balance in his live sets, ChrisB. takes listeners on a psychedelic journey of beautiful melodies and driving bass.
Check out his new album Triangular Objects on Soundcloud.  


Perfecting the art of audio alchemy, Oakland based dj/producer Michael Anderson Lapp aka MiHKAL is quite possibly one of the westcoast’s best kept secrets. Notorious for his emotionally charged, melodically driven, bass heavy mixes, remixes & live performances, he provides dancers & listeners a sonic vehicle of transformation from which their own creative expressions can emerge. Equipped with an ear for euphonic pleasure & the ability to seamlessly weave, poly-tempo, multi-genre sound tapestries on the fly, MiHKAL can provide the soundtrack of the moment. The intention he puts behind every show shines through, providing a personable unique experience to every live performance. Since his debut in 2008, Mihkal has been gaining wide recognition in the EDM community …With no signs of slowing down in 2012, catch him elevating dancefloors from SF to Burning Man…Pushing buttons & audio boundaries with sexy soundscapes, high energy performances & unconditional bass love.

Durian Sex Cult
A Live Performance
Video 1:
Video 2:

If you haven't experienced a Durian Sex Cult show yet, then lucky you because you are in for an extraordinary experience! This 4-8 piece, eclectic group of up n' coming neo-tribal musical magicians takes the audience on a heart centered, and entertaining ride through the world of sound healing and sacred sexuality. Galaxies of sound unite through an impressive array of instruments, including but not limited to beatbox, kalimba, sax, jaw harp, African harp, didgeridoo, bass, cello and tribal percussion. The sheer collective talent of this group is enough to warrant attention but add the opportunity to be fed Durian-the unforgettable, and potent aphrodisiac fruit, by gorgeous dancing girls and we have a truly revolutionary, extra-sensory encounter here. So, if you're not into dancing, laughing, or pondering the existence of the durian then you may just be headed to the wrong show!"


Shakin' booties across the bay and beyond, Jocelyn's vibrant personality, dj skills as a sound track selectress combined with a few of her own ear worm bass heavy mixes and her simple desire to turn you "ON" makes for a high energy show that captures your attention and traps your booty on the dance floor. 
By communing with the vixen within, Jocelyn channels this energy, adds some bass and creates a booty infused sauce of luscious sounds. Using entrancing sultry highs with intent to lull dancers into a sonic womb and then entice you back with her love for bass. Often mixing it up, but keeping it always booty, she draws globally from her selection of sounds. Working the subs over with her deep syrupy butter, her only intent is to share her love of feeling wild, fun, and yum in life. Sharing her sexy, guttural, grinding, liquid-lithe mixes, she hopes to drive your consciousness deep into your hips, while moving the dancefloor with her to an entrancing beat. 
Co-creatress of Club Exotica with Philippe Lewis and partner to An-ten-nae and 1015 on the infamous Get Freaky events, this girl shakes it up regularly in the bay pushing the boundaries with not only music and sounds but also events with her "Jocelyn" touch.


Bay Area-based ALIA, formerly known as Bombgoddess, and affectionately dubbed "The Sonic Shamaness", weaves an intoxicating, luscious blend of glitchy, liquid, globally infused temple step, melodic glitch hop, inspired dubstep, and bassy whomp to create a pulsating, exotic journey into rhythm and movement with her signature goddess spark and a shaman's touch.
Creating enchanting stage shows that are an epic deep bass musical journey, world-class dance performance, and Goddess temple combined, ALIA can take a room into deep ecstasy with her bright energy and serpentine movements drawing from her extensive music, vocal and dance training, and her devotion to embodying the feminine as a priestess.
As a rising star woman in a male-dominated industry, her other major passion is empowering women to unleash their expression and their true mission. She is the Founder and CEO of Femvolution which helps the next generation of women leaders with a life-enhancing message tap into their true feminine power to make waves, create impact and influence, and become the thriving women who help build a thriving planet.

Dulce Vita

Enter Dulce Vita (pronounced dol-sie/vee-tah).
Nationally requested, dance floor approved! As a DJ performer in San Francisco, how does DV stand out? True individuality happens here as a result of a musical risk. Using the cross fader as her primary canvas with a signature brand of aggressive intent, she performs a sound all her own - an energetic soundscape peppered with feelgood emotion, including audible hints of nu skool breaks, dubstep, glitch-hop, big beat, chunky electro, filtered disco, tech house, world beats, downtempo, and IDM. Experience a sound that is funky, grooving, grinding, raw, twisted, and hard, but all at once! That is quintessential DV.
Dulce considers any single performance a personal success if she can make a deeply positive impact on at least one person's experience. Since her debut performance at Google headquarters in 2004, you might have already experienced her audio collage of eclectic tracks at underground warehouse venues or major nightclubs. Dulce was named WINNER of SF Weekly: City of Spin 2009 (Annual DJ Competition) and her performance at Burning Man earned a prestigious mention in international publication 'DJ Mag' within the 2008 issue featuring Top 100.
In 2006, she was proud to be selected as the first female to be affiliated with 'OPULENT TEMPLE' (the infamous large-scale sound camp at Burning Man featuring global talent on over 250,000 watts).
Her actual birth name is Dulce Vita.

DJ Diagnosis

Liquid Love Drops

Jocelyn's side project where she explores different sounds from her heart. 


The Languages of LOVE 
by Fuzzy :philippe & Sweet Love Paget
Side Room 9:15-10:15pm

In this short delicious class, you will learn to converse in the five languages of love -- touch, acts of service, words of acknowledgment, quality time and gifts -- and do it in fun creative ways. You will also learn to translate between them so that you can always easily receive love in a way that touches you more deeply and completely.

"Are you going to Adore Me?"