"Adore Me"

A Second Base Party
February 11th @ 1015 Folsom, SF 21+
9pm 'til late

Transforming 1015 Folsom into a harem of  plushed out beds,
 draped fabrics, and soft pillows for your pleasure and play... 
Cupids and seductresses abound... 
Be careful, you might fall in love...

$25 Presale (or before 11pm)

$35 at the door

Second Base is: 

Above The Waist.

Sexy Attire Only. 

Topless-ness Encouraged!

Pasties Required for Topless Women


Love and Light

Sasha Rose


Ra So


(Club Exotica)

Osiris Ishpa Palo





(Club Exotica)


Excentrique Burlesque 
Laura May & Lil' Jenn

Live Music

Ayla & Aharon from "Live Ecstasy"
Ayla Nereo (http://aylanereo.com/) and Aharon Wheels Bolsta 
(http://www.rhythmwheels.com/Nesomimus) of the "Live Ecstasy Collective"
join forces using a combination of beats, loops, and live instruments and 
vocals, they deliver a juicy mix of sensual grooves, Middle-Eastern rhythms, 
natural mystic lyrics and soaring voices. This project marks a leap out
of Ayla's folk-indie home into the galaxy of pumpin' grooves and 
deep dance, putting original sounds and beats behind her
beautifully crafted songs and Aharon's Nesomimus 
soundscapes and improvisations.

Food & Delights

Temptress Sacred Elixirs

Decadent Organic Fair-Trade Chocolates


Adoration Playshop
9p-10:15p (in the Lower Room)

With Dating and Relationship Coaches 
Meriana Dinkova www.merianadinkova.com  
and Hristiyan Atanasov seductivepresence.com
Adoration - a tool and an art form 
for deepening eroticism and intimacy!
In this workshop, Meriana Dinkova MFT and Hristiyan Atanasov will lead you into 
experience of diving into the fabric of ADORATION,  a tool for 
 intimacy, expressing connection, 
and generating turn-on.
What is Adoration?   Does it express fondness? Or value?  Or appreciation?  
Or even admiration?  Or does it also  go all the way to worship?
Come and find out on Friday night!

Tantric Puja

10:30p-11:30p (in the Lower Room)

Join Sherry Huggi-Ma (www.sherryhuggima.com) and Marcia Baszynski (www.AskingForWhatYouWant.com) in a welcoming tantric puja, opening our hearts to each other and bringing us closer together for the rest of the night. We will start by partnering up, and then be guided to interact with others in a way that creates an open mind and open heart, and of course, adoration for the rest of the night. Many exercises will be shared that relaxes and excites us...yay! This is a great bonding opportunity for both beginners and advanced participants. Hope to see you there!

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