Tantric Puja
Lower Room @ 1015 Folsom
Sherry "Huggi-Ma" 

Join Sherry Huggi-Ma and Marcia Basczinski in a welcoming tantra and intimacy puja, opening our hearts to each other and bringing us closer for the rest of the night. We will start by partnering up, and then be guided to interact first with ourselves, connecting with the evening and where we are at in our bodies. Then, this will be followed by a partnered puja, with many exercises that creates an open mind and open heart, and of course, adoration for the rest of the night. Many forms of exploration will be shared that relaxes, connects us, and and excites us...yay! This is a great bonding opportunity for both beginners and advanced participants. Hope to see you there!

Sherry "Huggi-Ma" is a multi-faceted healer and artist who has been doing her life work for over 10 years. She started her massage and tantric healing career while living at Harbin Hot Springs in 1996; since then she has accumulated 500 hours training in tantra and erotic education and 1000 hours in therapeutic massage. Sherry has taught Sacred Touch Massage for Women, The Art of Tantric Kissing for Couples, and Erotic Bodywork For Men, and has co-produced very successful sensuality/play parties for her entire community.

Presently Sherry's specialties focus on Pelvic Healing Massage for Women, Tantric Intimacy Coaching for Couples, and ceremonial ritual leading for large events. Sherry's
multi-faceted artistic background consists of the following: videography and editing, altar and sacred space creating, raw food catering, co- creating play parties, and spiritual
and erotic performing.

Marcia Baczynski is a relationship coach, workshop facilitator, sex educator, writer and consultant based in San Francisco. She is the co-creator of the global phenomenon called Cuddle Party, the designer and co-leader of Foundations of Facilitation, the mastermind behind SuccessfulNonmonogamy.com, and the lead coach at Asking For What You Want, where she helps people discover what matters most to them in relationship and how to get it. 

Marcia has been featured on The Montel Williams Show, Fox News, Penn & Teller’s Bullsh*t, NPR, the Washington Post, the San Francisco Chronicle, GQ, Marie Claire, People and Newsweek, to name a few.