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Arabian Nights - February 2009


Club Exotica

 as well as Andreas & Tess Nottebohm





Arabian Nights

"The Sultry Wish of Sheherazade"

A Middle Eastern Valentine Play Party

A Night of a Thousand and One Pleasures

A Well of Delicious Wishes


San Rafael, California




Beats Antique
(members of the Yard Dogs)
"...a curious alliance between middle eastern traditions and potent west coast circus, underground hip hop, breakbeat brass band, downtempo, glitch and dubstep."

Fontain's M.U.S.E

"...psychedelic, exotic grooves, world tribe, rocken raga, infectious dance beats, spicy vocals in many tongues, sitars, guitars, percussion...soothing yet invigorating like a jolt of raw ginger"

DJ Jocelyn

(Get Freaky/Mystic Temple of Bliss/Club Exotica)

 "...steamy-hot-sexy-guttural-grinding-vixen-liquid-lithe-lubricious belly glitch breakbeat/hiphop/dupstep mixes..."

DJ Neptune

   (Beat Church)

DJ Swami

"Swami is devoted to sultry downtempo and sublime chill. Just released
this year, his sixth CD is a nine hour soundtrack for interdimensional

DJ Bombgoddess

   (The Rhythm Society)

Live Middle-Eastern Beats by

Artyom, Aharon Wheels Bolsta, and friends

Gorgeous Decor by Hookahdome


Nanna Candelaria

 "...a seductive rapture of immortal love and dance delight..."

Lucid as Sheherazade and Eenor as the Sultan

Temple Dancer Zsuzsi Fern

Belly Dancers Natalia and Laleh
Your Harem of Sensual Djinnis
Hana, Venus, Kal, Meriana, Lauren, Meriana, Sid, Anya, Ashton, Molly, Destin (, Anastasia, Shara and Laura May

Beautiful House by Kasbah Naughtya

with large deliciously heated swimming pool (!), 

two hot tubs, and richly decorated rooms

Delicious Middle-Eastern Snacks and Drinks
Decadent Chocolate Truffles & Fountain by Edible Love Chocolates 
as well as Wine, Vodka, and Absinthe

The Story of Sheherazade

"The story begins on the night following the end of the one-thousand and first  night. The Sultan Shahriar has finally fallen asleep, dreams of quests and adventures arising behind his closed eyelids. Sheherazade slowly rises, rubs the small lamp next to her bed, and whispers to the djinni coalescing at her side. "Oh Djinn, I have fulfilled my duty as wife and brought peace to my husband's heart. Will thy finally grant me a wish as thou promised over three years ago." "Yes, Oh Sultana. You have fulfilled the condition for my granting you a single wish. Choose wisely."  "Then it is my wish that each and every story I tell from now on become real for the ones who hear it, so that they may be transformed deeply by their wisdom."  "Your wish is my command, Sultana. It shall be so." And Scheherazade, Sultana to the King Shahriar, went back to sleep with a smile in her heart. 

The next night, as the King readied himself for another story, the Sultana winked at him curiously. It had been so long since Scheherazad had waited to fulfill her sensual and sexual desires. She was still young, and many fantasies inhabited her with ferocious and delightful appetite. She knew not where to begin, and for the first time in years, she found herself hesitating. Now was the time for her to tell stories of rapture, lust, and sensual delights. Now was the time for her to create the stuff  sexual secrets are made of. 

And as Scheherazade began to tell the stories of Arabian Nights all over again, she realized that her wish had allowed her to become a  sort of Djinn herself, able to create world and grant wishes herself..."

And as the story unfold, you realize it is...


The Story of You

As you exit your carriage and walk towards Kasbah Naughtya, you notice the air shimmer and grow warmer, as if... as if you have crossed a portal of sorts, walked into another world. Exotic smells reach your nose, beautiful music reach your ears, and every sigh awakens your curiosity and turns you on. The Kasbah is a mix of so many cultures, but the people you encounter seem to have come from the faraway lands of the East. Here a sultry belly dancer moves languidly to live sitar, flute, and tablas, everywhere djinnis offering themselves to guests, ready to grant them a tantalizing wish of their choosing. And still a little bit further, sitting at the edge of a bed, a strangely familiar storyteller tells a tale to two lovers embracing each  other and a rapt audience. And as you walk past a platter of delicious Tajine and other victuals and onto the deck of the palace, you see for the first time a deep pool of turquoise waters where the men and women of the harems of the Sultan and Sultanan happily splash and swim in the steaming waters. 

And that is when you realize that all the guests in this house have something in common: they are all in some state of undress, some state of bliss, some state of sensual delight, rapture, and sexual abandon. And as you witness this, you feel your body awaken to your own desires, which you know will find fulfillment tonight!

Indeed, there is something magical about this place. It's as if... as if it came right out of someone's wild exotic imagination... a story in the telling, a fantasy in the making. 

But for now, you leave your cares behind. It no longer matters what is real and what is not, for you have walked into...

"The Sultry Wish of Scheherazade"


Tickets to Arabian Nights

Tickets are running out fast! Only 180 lucky sexy guests will be selected to participate in this tantalizing exotic middle-eastern tale of sensual and sexual delights. And we want those  guests to be YOU! 

No one will be admitted without a middle-eastern-inspired costume and a ticket. Tickets are $75 per personOnce you have RSVP'ed, we will inform you as the selection unfolds
Please send any questions to
Click here for costume ideas!
(if you cannot see this link, go to

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Testimonials From Our Last Event!

"It was an amazing adventure..."
Greg A.

"I wanted to thank all of the organizers for making "Dreams of an
Ecstatic Era
" a truly memorable event. It is one of the best parties I
have been to in a while. I really enjoyed the Edwardian costume theme
and all of the interesting performances. Well done!"

"Thank You for an amazingly delicious event. You guys really know
haw to do it right - the limo, the entertainment, the food, the
costumes, all top class - down to the last little detail. I soo love
what you created and am honored to have been even a small part of it."
Jillian L.

"Dear party hosts!!! You guys, wow. What can I say except thank you for
including me. Words aren't in my vocabulary to describe the wonder and
marvel I experienced walking into your party. I had so much fun on so
many levels. I loved dancing for the party and really felt hot and
that I managed to attract 150 + voyeurs. I got the lawn full and had
the second floor deck partially mesmerized. Not an easy crowd to
attract since there was so much fun to have in every corner and every
room. Thanks again for asking for me to dance. I seemed to
successsfully grab the group for as long as I wanted them. I had a
wonderful time... Man! can you guys rock a party.
Let your other team party family know of my gratitude."
Diane G.

"Thanks so much for creating such an amazingly beautiful elegant event
last Saturday night… Emile and I had a lot of fun there…. I have been
hearing about parties at the Nottebohms but that was my first time
there.. What a beautiful venue and you took such care of so many
wonderful details. It was a stunning jewel… like you." 
Jessica B.

Thanks to everyone! I had a marvelous time (as Tinkerbell, as my
sensuous self and as mermaid), a perfect glide into May Day
(Tinikerbell appeared again on Sunday in Sebastopol, much to the
delight of children and hippies alike…). A thousand thanks to Andreas
and Tess for their generous hospitality. I hope that there will be
more environments like and unlike this one to create together in the
Diane D.

"Thank you so much for helping to organize such an amazing event
Lisa and I had an incredibly wonderful time. We have never been to 
such a fun party in our lives! What a huge effort that was. So much loving
 energy and attention to rich detail."
John L.

"We had such a good time - everything was beautiful - the people,
costumes, house, energy. thank you again so much for producing the
B & T

"I want to thank you for such a lovely party and especially the
chocolates!!! My favorite part was waking up (from one hour sleep) to
see the sky turning blue and a couple making love on the green grass
and then lying naked in the sun listening to lovely music live. Now
that's Beltane!"
Lindy J.

"Thank you so much for organizing such a great event! It was everything
I hoped for and much more. You are a genius of creating that powerful
sacred atmosphere of divine immersions. My vast respect to the
exceptional community - these people are outstanding: intelligent,
congenial, genuine, and artistic. It was a pleasure and an honor to
connect with them."

"OMG Philippe and EVERYONE involved in "Dreams of an Ecstatic Era". I
actually was so Inspired I wanted to write something praising the
success of this Dream Manifested into Reality, so thanks for asking
Philippe. I was in complete awe of the magnitude of this Event, only
in the 21st Century, only in the Bay and only in this Community would
you find something to this extent. Very fitting name by truly
examplifying our highest potential to Dream BIG!!!"
Brian O.

"It's hard to believe that only a week has passed since the masquerade
party at the Nottenbohms. Now it really does seem like a dream to me –
a dream for which I wish to thank you and everyone else who made it
possible. I loved the party, and only regret that I wasn't able to
stay as long as I wanted (children at home and babysitting issues).
Knowing what I now know, I'll make better arrangements the next time I
am invited"
Cynthia C

"Hello and, thank you for a hosting wonderful party and sharing such a
beautiful home and pulling such a group of people together. I
especiiialy enjoyed the goddess power in the snake dance - tuning into
the snakes as energy I felt a lot of rainbow and emerald green energy,
quite beautiful.. It seems there were women very much in touch with
the real goddess. And some definitely some people with strong healing
energy in their arms. That was special. This was my first time to one
of your parties…thank you."

"Just wanted to drop a note thanking you for the invitation to the
above party. It was my first experience and it was a beautiful
experience. All the best."
Donald B

"Thank you for all of your efforts and planning of the Dreams of an
Ecstatic Era
. It was a truly magical evening and your abundance of
creativity and hard work was enjoyed by all. I appreciate this as well
as your interesting and lovely guests who gave us so much love and
support to Fontain's M.U.S.E. throughout the evening and morning.
Thank you again and hope to be a part of future events that you are
planning. Let me know if there is anything we can do to better suit
your needs in the future."

"Thank you for dreaming up this
passionate vision, and blessings to everyone for your efforts and
personal magic in making it a night that I hold dear. It was fun,
challenging, and moving. Absolutely a wonder to see so many
astonishingly beautiful people dressed so….beautifully! And Andreas
and Tess- wow. Your home was the ultimate backdrop to set off this
inspired evening. Thank you for your generosity and wild decadently
refined taste. I still have visions of temporal flashbacks, imagining
members of bohemian society from the past few centuries intermingling.
Well done. So many familiar faces and delightful energies. Light,
color, music, snakes…hot water…Sensual interludes mingled with deep
conversation always raises my chi. Loved the crepes, alters, champagne
on the grass, poolside guitar, early morning sunrise, ritual…and -
Dianne, you be the sassiest stripper I've ever seen. I thank us all
for our part in co-creating this beautiful statement of potential and
possibility. May we carry it's power into everything we do."
Richard M

"We had an amazing time at your gathering and met many dear sweet
friends we knew from meeting Jillian Love's gatherings and being
Tribal whenever the opportunity arises. There were so many people to
exchange with we never really got to meet you but we felt you as you
floated around the different moments of the night and morning. We
witnessed great musical, culinary and human talent, the dawn of the
moon and sun were astounding, the prayers and blessing and the
baptizing in the pool were all part of transcending to another level."
Lin Z