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Eyes Wide Open - February 2010

Thalia -- But... I don't know if I'm ready!

The Mistress -- You will be... in good time. And then, you will crave it. It will fill your dreams, delight your imagination, and frighten your soul. And each thought, each emotion, each sensation will lead you to far greater pain and pleasure than you ever thought possible...

Photo by Shaun Sharper

After Valentine's Day, Sweetness Takes a Whole New Dimension

Club Exotica


Eyes Wide Open
"Thalia's Discovery"

An Exploration of Your Inner Sexy Self

On Saturday February 27, 2010,
You Are Delightfully Invited to 
A Night of  Discovery and Exploration

Sexy Self and Compelling Costume Required:
Edwardian, Victorian, Burlesque, Steam Punk, Cocktail or Fetish

DJ's and Performances
Cyril Noir
Dj Jocelyn (Club Exotica)
Captain Erotica and Muses
Melike as Thalia
Harmony Wilde as The Mistress


Cost: Your Participation

Luxurious Edwardian Room Will Be Filmed Live Until 2am
(afterward, filming will continue in restricted areas)
Delicious Lounge Room will be Available for Play and Dance
Masks and Blindfolds are Optional but Recommended
Id's and Signed Model Release will be Required
Bar Will Be Wide Open With Drinks and Snacks
Special Permissive Slaves Will Be Present for Your Pleasure

Location: The Armory at Kink.Com

To be Considered for this 
Club Exotica Exclusive Event:

1. Please RSVP and answer all the questions.
2. Send an elegant yet sexy picture of you 
and your guest(s) to
 3. Send a $50 refundable deposit per person 
via Paypal to
(deposits will be refunded upon attendance or if not chosen) 
4.  Wait for a response and a password to the event

To Increase Your Chances to Be Chosen:

Answer all RSVP question truthfully
Send Elegant, Tasteful, Creative, Sexy Photos
Have A Strong Desire to Participate or  Be In Service (Volunteer)
Have Juicy Bold Energy

Bonus Points If:

You Are Curious and New to or Love Kink
You are an Exhibitionist and/or a Performer
You are Comfortable in Front of a Camera
You Know How to Dress to Impress (Us)

In General, You Must be Comfortable With:

Respectful Touch
Co-Creating a Permissive Atmosphere
Sensual or Sexy Play (Yourself or Others)
Knowing What You Want and When to Stop
Pushing Boundaries (Yours and Others)
Connecting With Others