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"Return to the Garden of Eden"
Sea of Dreams New Years Eve 2012

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Come frolic in a Utopian garden of delicious (Second Base) play. 
Sensuous decor with beds and coves await you.  
Adams and Eves will tempt you with their delectable fruit and seductions.  
Midtempo booty rockin' bassy beats will fill the air with Know:Audio bringing in phat sound for your eargasmic pleasure.   Come sample from the nectar of our fountain but beware: the fruits of the garden may tempt you to run away with Club Exotica forever... A stunningly transformative experience for anyone lucky enough to witness!   Created for you by the social visionaries and artists Fuzzy :philippe and Jocelyn


Dj Jocelyn

Since the dawn of time men and women have been enraptured by the sacred dance, spiraling into the heights of ecstasy and submerging into the depths of soulful bliss. By communing with the vixen within, Jocelyn channels this energy, adds some sub-bass and creates a gypsy infused sauce of luscious whomp. Like a soft caress down the back of your neck, delicate twinklings of sultry highs lull dancers into a sonic womb, only to be enticed back into throbbing convulsions by yet another one of her glitched out gypsy/latin and tropical infused bassy beats. Increasing the chance of your evening's coupling with that of sheer wild fun and yum, her sexy, guttural, grinding, liquid-lithe mixes, driving your consciousness deep into your hips, while you move with her to an entrancing beat.

Carly D. vs. Dr. Knobz 
A sexy blend of genre poppin bass wompin beats like whoa!  
Carly D and Dr. Knobz joined forces at the end of 2009.  Just a year into their collaboration, they founded GruntWorthy, The label has received much international acclaim and has even had songs featured on BBC Radio 1. The duo now has six joint releases including the 8 track album “BassTease”. 
With a love of each other and a love for music, the Pirate (Raindance/Mallabel) and Smasheltooth (Bad Bitch Brigade/Mallabel) make the dance floor hot-step the plank into a friendly sea of urban melodies and glitchy space dubs, immersing the crowd in their next level union of inner-city raps and privileged producer slaps. Turning parties out and going stoopid doo-doo dumb while staying devoted to the improvisation of selection corresponding to the energy of the crowd makes every experience with Androo and Smasheltooth like a magic rocket to take home in your pocket and a beautiful feeling to keep in your locket. Yadadaholla?


Born and raised in San Jose, indaskyes bombs the dance floor with a style of electronic dance music that combines his love for sexy midtempo hip hop and deep bass rhythms. His status continues to grow in the Bay Area bass music scene, not only for his booty shaking live performances, but his technical prowess for bass heavy EDM production.

Jef Stott

(Six Degrees)

A critically acclaimed producer/ ethno multi instrumentalist and DJ that has been deftly navigating the realms of global bass culture for over a decade, where he has released dozens of works with several major labels and world-renowned artists.   Jef has embarked on several world tours that have taken him to Asia, Europe and North America delivering sexy bass driven evocative and spiritual music to the masses.  He is releasing his 10th full-length album in the Spring of 2012 on Six Degrees Records.

(formerly known as Bombgoddess)

ALIA, formerly known as Bombgoddess, has rapidly become a fixture of the Bay Area conscious movement and dance scenes. Affectionately dubbed "The Sonic Shamaness" and "The Goddess of Grooves and Rhythms", she weaves an intoxicating blend of globally infused electro-tribal grooves, melodic glitch hop, inspired dubstep, and cosmic downtempo with a dash of goddess spark and sass.

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