Grind With Me - Thank You

Thank YOU for creating an EPIC party with us for "Grind With Me" on March 5 !


Each time we gather with all of you to do an event, we're left with a sense of amazement at the beauty, diversity and creativity you bring to share and give to each other. In other words, wow.

Thank you for bringing all of you and all of your friends to "Grind With Me". Thank you for playing light, hard, soft, deep, a little, and a lot. Thank you for dancing, for dressing up, for kissing, and for flirting. Thank you for being YOU in all the ways that you are! Because of you, this event was much more than a dream in our imaginations.  Because of you, our last secret ingredient, this party was DELICIOUS and EPIC.

The Club Exotica community is primarily a group of burners, west coat festival culture and underground electronic music lovers. You love to dress up, show up, and move like nobody's business. And you come because what we offer you at Club Exotica events is a place to be fully self-expressed in all the ways that you love, with no pressure to do or be more than what is ok with you. We create incredible spaces for you to explore intimacy, relationships, sensuality and sexuality, and do it in community.

~~~ FEEDBACK ~~~

While we like to think we hit the nail on the head each and every single time, we KNOW that it takes a lot of work to please everyone, and it doesn't always work! Which is why we want YOUR FEEDBACK:

Please click here to let us know how you loved the event (or what didn't work for you). 

We LOVE to hear what you have to say, and it ALWAYS makes a difference for us. And please include your contact info if possible so we can get in touch with you in case we have questions!


How far and how deep will you go?

Our next event is "Worship Me" a Full-on Sexy Party where you will have the opportunity to go past second base and explore deep connections with 200 other wonderfully hot lucky people! This event will be application based, so with less than three weeks to go, don't wait a second to RSVP! We're so excited about this amazing top secret location. All we can say is that it's TOTALLY appropriate for the theme. So RSVP NOW to have a chance at joining us for an amazing night of play! :)

Click here for all the details on our website!

PS: Want to help as a volunteer for the next party or contribute in any other way? We have some half-priced tickets! These will go fast, so email us at as soon as you can!


We know you are a busy bunch making lots of amazing things happen in the world, and we want you to only get the sort of communication you want from us. So we create both google groups, facebook fan pages and facebook groups. If you're on any of them, you'll only hear about future events and thank you letters (like this one). And if you're on the community lists/groups, you'll also hear what other peeps in the community are doing. So feel free to get on some or all of them:

Facebook Fan Page : The best place to hear about Club Exotica news if you prefer Facebook
Google Group : The best place to hear about Club Exotica news if you prefer email

Facebook Community Group : For community chatting and sharing (the new facebook group style)
Google Community Group : For community chatting and sharing (the new facebook group style)
Facebook Community Wall :  For community events and sharing (the old facebook group style)


Photos by Kyer Wiltsshire

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He can also offer private photo shoots for couples from $300 to $500.

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Photos by Claire Mulkey

Claire says: I am interested in shooting any kind of event/party/wedding in the bay area, and I also do a lot of portraiture. I would be interested in doing photography for any kind of charity/non-profit for free as well!

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Photos by Daniela Maria

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Looking forward to seeing you connecting, body and spirit, at "Worship Me" on April 2!


The Producers of Club Exotica
Fuzzy :philippe & Jocelyn Agloro