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FRIDAY FEBRUARY 14, 2014 ~ 9pm-4am ~ 21+ ONLY

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♡ Phutureprimitive 

♡  ❤Jocelyn  ♡
(Club Exotica/Get Freaky/BootyTrap)

♡ Dulce Vita  

♡ Ra So 

♡ Dutch 
(Opulent Temple)

♡ Neptune 


♡ Baron Von Spirit 

♡ Fuzzy :philippe as the Head Cupid ♡

♡ Sound by KnowAudio ♡


Phutureprimitive's music is singular and unique in its approach. Lush melodies drift across intricate rhythms, groove heavy beats and warm, fuzzy bass lines. Often exploring a dark and dense palette, his music also manages to convey a sense of tranquility and beauty, engaging the listener into hypnotic movement and often escalating toward a full kinetic experience. Conceived and produced in a digital environment, his music manages to convey more humanity and organic warmth than typically found in an often cold and sterile genre. Shimmering with cinematic qualities, his music ultimately speaks to the body, mind and soul.

(Club Exotica/Get Freaky/BootyTrap)

Shakin' booties across the bay and beyond, Jocelyn's vibrant personality, dj skills as a sound track selectress combined with a few of her own ear worm bass heavy mixes and her simple desire to turn you "ON" makes for a high energy show that captures your attention and traps your booty on the dance floor. 

By communing with the vixen within, she mixes it up, but always keeps it booty, drawing globally from her selection of sounds. Working the subs over with her deep syrupy butter, her only intent is to share her love of feeling wild, fun, and yum in life. Sharing her sexy, guttural, grinding, liquid-lithe mixes, she hopes to drive your consciousness deep into your hips, while moving the dancefloor with her to an entrancing beat.

Co-creatress of Club Exotica and partner to An-ten-nae and 1015 on the infamous Get Freaky events, this girl shakes it up regularly in the bay pushing the boundaries with not only music and sounds but also events with her "Jocelyn" touch.

Dulce Vita   

Enter Dulce Vita (pronounced dol-sie/vee-tah).

Nationally requested, dance floor approved! In direct response to specific performances at Burning Man, she has played stages in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Boise, Tahoe, and Reno - all in this past year alone. As a DJ performer in San Francisco, how does DV stand out? True individuality happens here as a result of a musical risk. Using the cross fader as her primary canvas with a signature brand of aggressive intent, she performs a sound all her own - an energetic soundscape peppered with feelgood emotion, including audible hints of nu skool breaks, dubstep, glitch-hop, big beat, chunky electro, filtered disco, tech house, world beats, downtempo, and IDM. Experience a sound that is funky, grooving, grinding, raw, twisted, and hard, but all at once! That is quintessential DV.


Bay Area-based ALIA, formerly known as Bombgoddess, and affectionately dubbed "The Sonic Shamaness", weaves an intoxicating, luscious blend of glitchy, liquid, globally infused temple step, melodic glitch hop, inspired dubstep, and bassy whomp to create a pulsating, exotic journey into rhythm and movement with her signature goddess spark and a shaman's touch.

Ra So

"This is the place where depth and beauty collide. A Ra So set is a journey through the archetypes of human consciousness, peppered with subtlety and meaning… at once, touching the eternal and embracing the humanity that lies within every heart. With an ever-present attention on the pulse of the dance floor, the music he produces and plays is an auditory expression of the love, compassion and emotion we experience day-to-day. Expect a journey through many layers, genres and tempos. And prepare to be engaged through mind, body and spirit in waves of rhythm and bass, harmony and melody and auditory love… 

Bass-heavy, psychedelic glitch-hop, mid tempo, and a little downtempo, heavily infused with the Left Coast Underground sound."

Baron von Spirit 

Baron von Spirit is a DJ and Event Producer in deep exploration of activating all seven chakras through music and movement. Known for his eclectic and wide-ranging taste in EDM, he’s a resident DJ for Ecstatic Dance Oakland, Ecstatic Dance Palo Alto, and Cirquedelic. He produces Dance Immersion and the Sultry Café. 


Neptune (beat church, ecstatic dance, spiritual technologies)
djing professionally for 28 years....playing "transcultural hybrid tribal funkhop groove"....a genre journey through ambient, tech/deep/tribal house, purple lovestep, glitch, funk, soul  and just plain music of all sorts from all time periods from all genre's blended into one seamless mix.  music of the heart and soul....beautiful music...really good music of all kinds


Nothing Is More Important To Anything Else

My current project, "Including Love - Music That Celebrates Sacred Union" is a compilation of uplifting and deeply grooving dance music - with each song inspired by and dedicated to a specific epic couple in our community. These men and women are pushing the envelope of what it means to embody the divine masculine and devine feminine, and each couple has their story of how they came to alchemize true love. I believe the primary love relationship is the current cutting edge of culture and human potential, and that viewing true love as the prime transformative experience is the window to a future we all can believe in. The only way to become your highest unique self is to surrender fully to the most spectacular vision of you that exists on the planet - the future version of you that only your beloved can see. When you stop resisting the greatness that only they can hold for you - you can become something far surpassing your own limited sense of self interest.

Fuzzy Philippe as Head Cupid

Fuzzy Philippe Lewis is an Event Producer, Performer, Chocolatier and Conscious Badass Lover. For the last 14 years, he has been pushing the edge of YES for individuals and communities through a combination of event production, ritual performance, storytelling, edgy characters, and his latest creations, a collaborative book called "Teachings of a Lover" as well as a coaching program called “Conscious Badass Lover” for men to become better lovers and better men. For Love Me, he brings you one of his early characters, Cupid, to playfully entice you to explore intimacy, relationships, and sensuality with his other cupids!