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FRIDAY MAY 3RD, 2013 ~ 10pm-4am ~ 21+ ONLY

(see bios below)



Willy Joy










(see bios below)

The captivating 
as Emcee

The Sulty Diva
Special Guest from Trapeze!! 

The Hypnotically Tantalizing 
MZ. K 
(Vau de Vire Society)

The Steamy and Dreamy 

From the Sensuous European Cabaret de l'Amour 
Mademoiselle Kiki-Artiste 

Cabaret de Caliente

Queen of the Yum
Shay Butta

Pushing Boundaries and Sensations! Introducing: 
Featuring: Mr. Grimm and Liddy Freeman


Sizzling Hot Booty Trap Dancers
doing a debut Burlesque Performance:
Surya Blue and Lilly White




There are two kinds of people in this world: those who love Diego's Umbrella and those who soon will.

Celebrated as San Francisco's Ambassadors of Gypsy Rock, these world renowned entertainers have created an irresistible cocktail that is entirely their own. On a planet bombarded with every possible kind of entertainment, a Diego's Umbrella show is a singular, ecstatic experience; one concert is all it takes to turn you into a believer. Night after night they effortlessly blend marching drums, harmonized shredding and gang choruses with showmanship that has all the fire and unpredictability of youth, coupled with the refinement of years of experience on the road. The group's uncanny gift for pleasing crowds, from standard clubs to huge festivals such as High Sierra and Outside Lands, has earned them a breathless and ever-expanding following across the United States and Europe, and that connection with other cultures continues to inform their aesthetic. In their music you will hear klezmer, flamenco and punk rock all blended to pop perfection.

Diego's Umbrella's fourth album; Proper Cowboy, released in July of 2012, marks a first time collaboration with San Francisco producers The Rondo Brothers (MC Lars, Foster the People). The union has resulted in a captivating new spin on the world that the band has created; the reverb-soaked guitars and gypsy fiddles have been augmented by an army of tubas, analog synths and soaring vocals in what they are calling a "futuristic Spaghetti-Western soundtrack." D.U. attributes much of the album's extraordinary character to their decision to cover a 1972 Sonny and Cher gem, "A Cowboy's Work is Never Done." The song's soundscape of Ennio Morricone guitars, horns and percussion woven with modern electronic beats set the stage for the entire album. Among the other highlights, the single "Big Star" finds the band picking up where they left off with their 2009;Double Pantherfavorite, "Kings of Vibration," complete with a shared verse vocal and enhanced by a chorus that flies higher than anything they've done before. And the exuberant "Bulletproof Shine" finds the group joined by Angelo Moore, legendary leader of Fishbone, who adds his pipes (and his theremin) to the festivities.

Proper Cowboy; is Diego's Umbrella's most fully realized vision to date, the culmination of years of dedication to the craft of songwriting and to their audience. It tips its hat to to the raucus dance parties the band played in their early days in Croatia, but is as quintisentially American as Rock and Roll itself, giving true meaning to album's namesake.


Hailing from Vancouver, BC and now residing in San Francisco, CA, ill-esha burst onto the North American electronic scene originally as a drum & bass vocalist featured on various releases for the likes of Breakbeat Science, Fokuz, and BluSaphir, gradually becoming known for the seamless incorporation of original vocals and MCing into DJ sets. Her multi-dimensional approach spans every color in the bass music rainbow, creating a dynamic live show which has set ill-esha apart amidst some of electronic music’s most groundbreaking acts.

With releases on trendsetting labels such as Muti Music, Daly City, Street Ritual, Subway, Haunted Audio, Dub Police and Simplify, ill-esha has ranked in the top 3 on Junodownload, Addictech, Beatport Electronic and Soundcloud. Since the release of her first 12” single in her teens, ill-esha has been honing her skills as vocalist, DJ and Producer who delivers studio efforts and live shows setting the stage for the future of electronic music. Her recent alliance with the Critical Beats project – a pioneering effort by artists to assist indigenous tribes in developing media centres for communication and culture preservation – is a resounding step forward on the path of an artist dedicated to creating social change and awareness through music.

Big tunes. Bird Enthusiast. Sweet Tooth. Want more?

Chicago partymaster Willy Joy's DJ sets and original productions have been packing sweaty dancefloors across the country from major festivals like Lollapalooza to sweaty illegal warehouse raves and Mad Decent block parties. His releases have been tearing up clubs across the country, getting support from the likes of Diplo, Crookers, Dillon Francis & BBC Radio 1. Willy represents the eclectic new dance sound coming out of the producers of the Windy City, rapidly changing styles and tempos with ease while always maintaining a frenzied, hands-in-the-air dancefloor. With near-constant touring throughout North America and beyond, Willy is set to blow up fast. URB Magazine named him one of the Next 100 artists to watch - come see him live and you'll instantly know why. Willy is known for blending disparate sounds into a single, ecstatic, live moment.


Japan natives Noxin and Ses first encountered each other on the streets of Tokyo back in 2011 during a pick up basketball game. Though Ses hails from the northern island of Hokkaido and Noxin has called Tokyo home nearly all his life, the two quickly bonded over their passion for music. Noxin and Ses also share international backgrounds having both lived in various parts of the world, spawning musical tastes and inspirations just as diverse. In January 2012, the two decided to officially partner and Watapachi was born. 

Watapachi seeks to discover, share, and create new sounds drawing inspiration from all over the world. This unique producing/ performing international duo has been crusading through the Tokyo club scene playing original beats and establishing a demand for a new music scene in Japan--one focused on quality and creativity rather than the Top 40 hit list.

Despite the short time, this international duo has garnered a growing following and been requested by many of Tokyo's hottest clubs and event organizers. Nevertheless, for Watapachi, this means nothing. This is just the beginning. Their determination, motivation, and passion grow by the second, and their ambitions are endless. This is merely the origin of Watapachi's story. It is far from over. Keep watching, you won't be disappointed. 


Delachaux is San Francisco's sonic blastronaut par excellence. As an early pioneer of the electro-swing movement, he became a cherished after-party DJ for some of San Francisco's earliest neo-burlesque events. Over the years his intoxicating 'big-beat-burlectro' style of pouring vintage samples and exotic orchestrations over a barrage of saucy beats has fused a wild carousel of voluptuous voodoo and body-quaking bass that reflect both the dialated discos and carbonated cabarets of Barbary Coast nightlife and have made him one of the west coast underground's most seminal DJ/producers.


Decades of music collecting, studying percussion and dance, and a deep immersion in the music and events business are the fertile grounds for unleashing some of the most creative
sets on today’s underground dance scene.

Dragonfly constantly breaks the DJ mold, spinning an amalgamation of bass culture’s most embraced genres with a fearless twist on tempo. Dubstep, Glitch, Downtempo & Dub, Breaks, House and Drum n Bass are all fused to an urban/indigenous Third World vibe where his signatory dancefloor grip ranges from “Ecstatic-Liquid-Groove” to “Transglobal-Ghetto-Whomp”.

Two decades on the circuit he has performed with many of the dance scene’s most pioneering and resilient producers: Bassnectar, Ott, Krafty Kuts, Opiuo, PhuturePrimitive, Gaudi, Vibesquad, Freq Nasty, Adam Freeland, Cheb I Sabbah, Bluetech,
Karsh Kale, David Starfire, Heavyweight Dub Champion, Random Rab, Nickodemus, Dreadzone, Pitch Black, Dunkelbunt, and many more!


There once was a dreamy-eyed lass and only punk rock and hardcore could make her shake her ass. One day she was walking around the block when she heard a boombox play hip hop. She started dancing and yelling YAAAAY but fell over and landed in a pile of dancehall-reggae. Reggae covered her eyes and face when she meandered into a basement playing drum and bass. This music made her dance and shake her back until she thought she'd have a heart attack. Then an unknown mysteriously deep bass sound led her into a secret room where dubstep was abound. Deciding she'd already fallen in love with enough musics in this one day, she finally went home and had dreams of getting thizz faced and riding the whip with Mac Dre.

Going stoopid doo-doo dumb on the stage with the likes of ___insert name dropping dopeness here____ Smasheltooth intends to integrate inner-city raps with privileged producer slaps and spread musical butter over rumps across the globe in the name of Furl! Yadadaholla?

♥ Jocelyn

Shakin' booties across the bay and beyond, Jocelyn's vibrant personality, dj skills as a sound track selectress combined with a few of her own ear worm bass heavy mixes and her simple desire to turn you "ON" makes for a high energy show that captures your attention and traps your booty on the dance floor. 

By communing with the vixen within, Jocelyn channels this energy, adds some bass and creates a booty infused sauce of luscious sounds. Using entrancing sultry highs with intent to lull dancers into a sonic womb and then entice you back with her love for bass. Often mixing it up, but keeping it always booty, she draws globally from her selection of sounds. Working the subs over with her deep syrupy butter, her only intent is to share her love of feeling wild, fun, and yum in life. Sharing her sexy, guttural, grinding, liquid-lithe mixes, she hopes to drive your consciousness deep into your hips, while moving the dancefloor with her to an entrancing beat.

Co-creatress of Club Exotica and partner to An-ten-nae and 1015 on the infamous Get Freaky events, this girl shakes it up regularly in the bay pushing the boundaries with not only music and sounds but also events with her "Jocelyn" touch.


I shoot lazers out of my claws and collect souls.


Nona Fender, borne of drag queens Edwardine Kiitenhouse and Miss Understood during a wild and howling storm, Nona Fender is actually the abandoned bad mouth and headbanging baby of lucid dawn. Trained in Tantric arts, ritual theatre, acting improv, yoga for cancer & chronic illness, and surviving the worst and making the best of life - this is the culmination of skills and ideas to bring living to the fullest to the every body. say what you will. So mote it be withces! And so it is.. YES! to life!!