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"What can we do but reach for the embrace that must now contain both heaven and hell: our doom again and again and again…" -from The Vampire Lestat

Come out Come out ...wherever you are....
Calling all vampires to rise up and indulge in a night of decadence and desire....
This is an underground sexy party in a gorgeous underground location in the EAST BAY.

PRESALE ticket ONLY event.  We will NOT be selling tickets at the door.

This event is 21+

★ ★ ★ Our Amazing Performers ★ ★ ★

Special treat visual performance by 
Circuit 5  aka Jonathan Bernbaum of V Squared Labs

★★ RITUAL featuring Jillian Ann and Cassidy★★

★★ Kyrstyn Pixton and Eo ★★

★★ MiHKAL ★★

★★ Goopsteppa ★★

★★ Liquid Love Drops ★★  
(aka <3 Jocelyn)

★★ Sharu ★★

★★ Outersect ★★

★★ spacegeishA ★★

★★ Kai San ★★


Mr.Grimm of Synergy Dance Theatre 
will be performing a devious duet that is sure to take your breath away!
Also offering Fire Massage Playshops! 9pm-11pm!

★ ★ ★  You might want to arrive EARLY ★ ★ ★

8:30pm - Doors OPEN
9-10pm - Class: The Art of Vampire Seduction
9-10pm - Class: Unleashing your Inner Animal: 
Teeth, Nails and Playing Rough (with mutual consent)
11pm Ceremony - Doors CLOSE

The Art of Vampire Seduction 
by Hristiyan Atanasov

Vampires are incredibly alluring creatures and the epitome of seduction.  Would you want to know how to move through a space and look at your “pray” in away that they would no be able to say to no to you?  Also Vampires are that seductive because they have dark intentions, and even their darkness and mystery is part of their seduction.  How about we explore how to embody our darkness and bring it to the service and learn to play with, instead of have people distrust us because of it?  I will help you step into a place of allure and seduction with your clear dark intentions and that can allow for the most fun and transformative experience of your life!

Unleashing your Inner Animal: 
Teeth, Nails and Playing Rough (with mutual consent)
by Brian O'Connell and David Moll

Where is your inner animal? Has it been awakened, or is it just emerging from the puppy and kitten stage? Come to a titillating and provocative hand-on play session, and learn to unleash this powerful erotic energy. This is an opportunity to diverge from the ordinary, and flood the synapses with the acute carnal awareness of a jungle lioness, or a prowling panther.  We will begin with exploring the conversation around consent and how, more importantly, we find mutual desires. You will explore some basic animalistic play by asking someone to use their teeth and claws (nails) in exactly the way you imagine you would want.  Creating trust and rapport through verbal and non-verbal communication before we lead into getting into your Inner Animal to explore with another.

★ This is a "SECRET" Night of Decadence and Desire ★ 

You can invite anyone you think will be an amazing addition for this party. The AGREEMENTS for inviting people are very specific and must be followed by EVERYONE:

1. This is someone you would would at least make out with (if you are a man and the person is another man, it's someone you would at least be comfortable being with in a sensual situation).
2. This is someone would would recommend your friends makeout with.
3. This is someone who will be a rockstar at engaging with other (no wallflowers, no  no prima donnas, no clique'ish people, etc).

If you feel your friends can meet the above criteria, you can invite them but you will be responsible for the behavior of all of your guests. You don't want to be the one who invited the guest who sticks out like a sore thumb or behaves badly (and of course, you don't want to BE that person). NOTE: For those of you who are new to this type of event, please go to for more guidelines on ways to engage, play nice and step out of your comfort zone.

★ ★ ★ What to Wear ★ ★ ★

Vampire couture, of course, is highly recommended.  As are proper canines, piercing eyes, and more!

Ladies:  Wear whatever makes you feel most beautiful and enticing ~ be glamorous, be audacious and over the top ~ don’t hold back ~ flaunt every gorgeous curve you have.

Gentlemen ~ Be dashing, charming and dress to seduce, entrance, charm, dance and romp.

More details on our website:

Cassandra Love Lambert will be bringing her paints and her brushes to add a little oomph to your costume/outfit. 
“Come Say Hi! Sit Down & Become Art!”

Note: Anyone wearing jeans or casual street clothes will be turned away - no exceptions

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