of the blood, spirit, and essence


of the body, manifest(ing), and real(ized)


into bliss, communion, and truth

"The god within me, meets, sees, and acknowledges the God within you" In honor of my own self my own light I choose to play with you... Together we drink in each other's essence. Tonight, I drink your spirit into me… Together we partake of each other's bodies. Touched inside and out we choose to forget ourselves and become each other, dancing in the joy of who we are separately, but truly of one source. Together we commune in spirit, body, and intention, we unite and become one for the night, ascending into bliss and transcending who we were, as gods and goddesses together as one being for one night, we are, Namaste…

Club Exotica 
A Night of Love and Devotion
A Tale of Transcendance

Saturday April 2, 7pm 
(Transcndant Yoga 7:30pm)
Sunday April 3, 9am

Doors will close promptly at 10pm

Your Inner and Outer God and Goddess is invited to
A Sacred Night of Drinking and Partaking of each other
Towards Eternal Bliss

"How deep, how far will you go?"


An Intimate
Secret Sacred Place of Worship 
in Oakland

with DJ's 
and Performers...

 ~ An-ten-nae ~

~ Jocelyn ~

~ BassTease ~

~ Bombgoddess ~
(Ecstatic Dance)

~ Outersect ~

~ Jeff Stott ~

~ Aire Redtree w/Perhaps ~

~ Oshan Anand ~
(Om Shan Tea)

and live music by

~ Live Ecstasy ~
Ayla & Evan (Ecstatic Dance)


Temple Dancers
to Awaken Your True Essence

Deliciously Decadent Chocolate Truffles


Transcendant Ritual Yoga
7pm (at the venue) 

Every religion and spiritual tradition employs altered states of consciousness to transcend the physical and mental, or as part of an experience of worship…

Get ready for a spellbound journey sourced by the undefined wisdom of libido: your free creative instinct energy and force. Commune with divinity and access the radical medicine available within the deepest parts of your Self.

From New York City to the Bay Area Jessica Hadari has lead ritual yoga, dance and shamanic journeys for nearly 15 years; exploring movement-induced trance states as a form of alchemy, healing and learning. 
Jessica is an officiant, master yoga teacher, master bodyworker, master rebirther, coach, workshop facilitator and professionally trained dancer. This broad blend inspires a balance between her technical yet soulful prayer-like approach to yoga. 

Leave your experience with Jessica completely in your body... 

How to Prepare for a Sexy Party!
For singles and couples and everyone else!
Thursday, March 31 @ 7pm - Preparation Class
Wednesday, April 6 @ 7pm - Aftercare Class

SunnySide Up House
1028 63rd St @ Idaho St, Emeryville CA 94608
$20 donation requested per class
 (no one turned away for lack of funds)

Getting ready for your first time at a Sexy Party? Wondering how to find the best way to interact with others in an environment where a lot of sensuality and sexiness will be flowing? As a couple, wondering how to do it well so that you both have an amazing HOT sexy time that is also SAFE for your relationship? 

In this class, Paget and Philippe will teach you how to have healthy conversations about desires and fears and create good boundaries so that everyone feels cared for and has a good time, and also do it in a way that allows you and your relationship (if you are a couple) to grow more courageous and adventurous in the process!

Paget and Philippe have been creating open relationships and sexy parties for over 9 years, so they definitely have a thing or two to share! :) And, this will be an opportunity to meet other play party virgins like you so you have more allies when you go!

Please RSVP here if interested in joining us on March 5 (Preparation) and/or April 6 (Aftercare).  If you have any questions, please email or call Philippe at fuzzmeister at gmail.com 415-505-0786

(PS. By "Sexy Party" we mean any sort of event where some level of sensuality or sexuality is included, and you get to be turned on!)

To be considered for this 
Club Exotica Exclusive Event:

1. Please RSVP here and answer all the questions.
2. Send an elegant yet sexy picture of you 
and your guest(s) to clubexotica+photo@gmail.com
3.  Wait for a response with a link & password purchase a ticket

PS. Only 200 delicious lucky guests will have the opportunity 
to attend this event, so RSVP as soon as possible!


All-inclusive Tickets for this 14 hour event are $90 per Person
$45 for Volunteers

Please email clubexotica+volunteer@gmail.com to volunteer. 
Our events are created largely by our community making it happen and volunteering their time and energy in exchange for discounted tickets. PS. You still need to RSVP

Note: No one will be admitted without a ticket and a costume.