Agreement for Second Base Parties 

Second Base Parties are non-sexual "light petting" parties, with great dancing, flirting and kissing. They can be most enjoyed when you know the rules, which we call "agreements". Why do we do this? We find that by making sure everyone agrees to co-create the event in the same ways, we end up with an event that is sexier, hotter, more fun and more safe for everyone!

Please take a moment to review the agreements here and make sure you're a big fat yes to all them. Your signature will be required when you order tickets or enter the event!

Ready? Repeat after us...

"I Agree to..." 

1. Come Dressed Sexy!

I agree to prepare my journey by dressing up for the event in something that makes me feel confident and attractive.  If female and wanting to be topless, I agree to wear wear pasties.  (Its the law where alcohol is served).

2. Connect Well With Others!

I agree to Connect well with others and remember that consent is sexy!   I agree to reach out of my normal clique of friends and actually meet and engage with new people.

3. Manage My Intoxication!

I agree to manage my intoxication.  (Club Exotica will not invite you back for later events if you display sloppy behavior).

4. Keep It Second Base

I agree to keep it second base if playing consensually with others. A Second Base party is a non-sexual party where sensual play is ok. For our events, we generally define "Second Base" as touching, kissing and caressing above the waist. And, just because we think it's fun (and we have lots of friends who are experts), we also allow spanking.

5. Contribute!

Our events are co-created pieces of temporary social art. This means that you bring the things you want and need to the events, so you feel great! It also means that you share them with others so they
experience how great they are, too! These can be anything from great massage hands, to chocolates, to soft furs, to games, to a great costume, or anything other gifts or ideas for interacting with people, allowing you to connect with them even more easily.

By signing below, I release the event hosts, organizers, volunteers, residents & landlords from any liability concerning any consequences of my having attended Club Exotica's event..

Signature of Attendee, Performer, or Guest of Club Exotica Event