What is a Second Base Party? 

Imagine yourself walking into an underground dance party.

But not any dance party. This one is different.

As you walk in the door, you notice how well both men and women are dressed, how good, how open, how sexy they look. As you step deeper, the atmosphere gets warmer, the decor, the lighting... richer and more vibrant. Here a woman feeding a grape to another woman. Here a group of old and new friends are smiling at each other while caressing and nibbling faces, necks, arms and backs. The music is pumping somewhere further away with a deep bass that causes your whole body to follow in undulation. And then you find the dance floor, and a whole world of gorgeous dancing people appear, calling you to join them.

This is your world, the world of Club Exotica.

A Second Base event is a fun west coast electronic dance music event-- and where light sensual sexy play is welcome. Loosely taken from the "bases" learned in High School, second base is any fun playful interactions with other (flirty, seductive, hot, exhibitionistic). Of course, you and your friends don't have to *do* anything special (other than follow our few agreements). Our events are much like a buffet where you can choose from a myriad of possibilities.

A Second Base party is also a place to contribute your gifts and learn to connect with those you are attracted to (and politely to the ones you are not), push your edges and boundaries, and a place to practice saying "no, but..." or "yes, and..." as you interact with others creatively!

If you find yourself wanting to "get" something from the party -- rather than contributing and receiving in response to that contribution, along playing with boundaries (stretching them, respecting them, holding them, and sharing them) -- then this party is not for you. Also, even though the lineup for a specific party might be totally awesome and you may just want to dance, you have to expect that this is the sort of party where you will be approached by people wanting to connect (which might look like getting flirted with, appreciated, complimented, etc).

All in all, while Second Base parties are light and playful and easy to dive into, they are definitely not for everyone. If you're not absolutely sure, please email us clubexotica@gmail.com and we'll be delighted to help you figure that out.

For more details, see our "Agreements" page here.