What to Wear to a Second Base Party

Sexy, seductive, and alluring….any piece of clothing in your closet or in your ability to conceive that makes you feel confident, sensual and aroused. Your outfit must cover the lower areas and women must wear pasties (liquor license law). And of course, awesome shoes are great.

Examples of styles: "Burning Man-wear", "Leather & Feather", west-coast tribal style, upscale, sassy, playful, sexy, attire.

Another way of looking at outfits for this sort of party, is to think of it as "sexy weather". In San Francisco, you dress with layers so you can feel comfortable in any (real) weather. The hotter it gets, the more you can take off layers. At our parties, it's the same thing: If you come in layers, the "hotter" it gets, the more you can shed and still feel awesome and sexy!

For men: amazing booty shorts or pants & shoes, along with beautiful necklace, armbands, rings, etc. Top has to be more than a standard shirt or t-shirt. The Castro (such as Clubba store) and Piedmont boutique (see below) are great places to look for great men's clothes.

For women: anything that works for men, plus dresses, lingerie, glitter/glam jewelry, incredible boots/shoes, booty shorts, etc.

Pasties: Pasties are anything that cover the nipple. We may sell pasties at our events, but just in case, here are a few places where you can find them! Otherwise, click here to find them on the internet!