Here's what people have to say about our events!
Here's how we made a difference!

"Thanks so much for having me, lovely folks, fabulous party and sexy show!"

"We had such and amazing performing for all you amazing, beautiful, and sexy!"

"Oh my yumgasm! Soo gooood! Thumpin humpin and bumpin on new highs. I'm seduced ;)"

"That was a blast! Thank u for having me come throw down some!!!"

"Such a great vibe...hats off to Love Jocelyn. Philippe Lewis and Traci Grace for another great show....met some great people there last night, too :)"

"Thank you Love Jocelyn, Philippe Lewis, Traci Grace & the Club Exotica crew for hosting such a delicious event & for having me come out to play with you ALL. Thank you to ALL of the decadent performers & artists & to ALL of the Saucy Guests for adding their Sexy Yum."

"Well that was smokin'! Thank you Jocelyn, Philippe, and all that made this party fly.  The pole dance room got so hot - literally! It was packed, sweaty, juicy and oh so seductive. You all turned it on!! "

"Thanks for a delectable affair! That was truly enjoyable :)"

"Thank you for such a fun night! Great people, vibe and staffing/setup. I enjoyed sharing the lollipops with you. Will bring more next time :)"

"Yow!! That was an amazing party!!! I'm so glad made it!! You are all so damn sexy ;)"

"I had so much fun playing at Club Exotica's Adore Me party with Durian Sex Cult. Looking forward to future gatherings!"


"Great party! Thanks for putting together something so awesome!"

"Epic. Feeling you all so deeply."

"So... much... fun! Thank you Philippe Lewis and Love Jocelyn."

"Wild nights don't even begin to describe it..."

"Such a delicious party! such a blessing and a Blissing to get to celebrate light, love and light with all of you~~ * {{{♥}}}"

"Wow' this was a truly a tight family vibe with some of the sexiest people in the Bay, I was blown away by the production to the music and all the people who created this event! I had a great time dropping some nasty sexy beats from my heart & soul for all your beautiful Bassfaces!!!"

"That was one of the best partys! :]"

"SF is epic, WOW.."

"I had the most fun of my life. best event ever.... I melted into everyone and was flying on the dancefloor during random rab... so much LOVE!!!!!"


"It was a one of the best crowds I've seen in a minute and the music was great!! Thanks to 1015, the artists, and the crowd! much love! ♥"

"Loved it!"

"Last night was AMAZING! I love you all and stay freaky!!!! ♥"


"That was an amazing event!! Thanks so much for all the work you put into it! Oh what a night!"

"Phenomenal!! Can't wait for the next one!"

"It was ridiculous! Thank you! "

"Definitely epic. :)"

"That was so much fun...thank you!!!"


"2nd on that epic- elegant, decadent, gorgeous, and of course-fun! Merci!"

"Thank you for hosting a great event! It was my first time at a second-base party since I moved to SF in July. Met amazing people and had a wonderful time! I'm looking forward to the next! Cheers!"

"A supremely beautiful event with equally luscious people, breathtakingly lovely music and true attention to comfort for all. How soon is the next one?? Much gratitude to Jocelyn and Philippe!"

"First I want to thank you for the wonderful event Saturday night. It was a lot of fun. I now realize that you helped with the Masquerotica that I went to and also enjoyed."

"Fantabulous dance party =) Meowwww!"

"Wow! Words cannot express.... what an amazing party last night! Much love to the hot hordes that pulled it off - and everyone who was participating in the moment and bringing positive energy to every interaction!"

"The event was very nicely arranged, lots of energetic people, good drinks."

"I had an absolute friggin' blast at your party! I was always intimidated by play parties because I was afraid of expectations, and it was all fabulous vibes and awesome connections!"

"I went to Purr With Me and had a better time than I could have imagined. I met some sexy people I plan on hanging out with in the future. I'm excited about attending my next party!"

"I had a totally epic time! The place was oozing with positive energy!"

"So, so good! Thank you for curating such a wonderful event!"

"Awesome party! Your kitty class was a blast!"

“Last night we lived every writer's wettest dream. Hanging with hundreds of smart, fun, smoking hot READERS. Many thanks. Viva SF!” ~ Christopher Ryan, author of Sex at Dawn

“Now that Cacilda and I have had a chance to reflect on our amazing visit to San Francisco, we wanted to thank you guys again for orchestrating such a memorable evening at the Supper Club. I've probably spoken at close to a hundred different events over the years, ranging from medical conferences to university lecture series to literary festivals, but the event you three put together will always stand out as being uniquely wonderful and, I fear, everything else will pale in comparison. From my perspective, the evening was perfectly easy, but I know these things only appear easy due to lots of hard work. The venue was perfect. The music afterward had everyone dancing, and you managed to fill the place to capacity on a cold Wednesday night! You guys are pros! Please feel free to put anyone in touch with me directly to confirm any of this. It will be my pleasure to help you guys however I can. Hope to see you again soon.” ~ Christopher Ryan, author of Sex at Dawn

“Thank you so much for throwing the Sex and Dawn talk, panel, and party yesterday evening. It was my first Club Exotica experience and it was everything I hoped and dreamed it would be and more. I am so impressed at how you have put together such an incredible group of beautiful, open, and expressive people and I was truly blown away by the experience! I am a "solo" man, and although I had trepidations going in (I thought who would want to talk to the loner dude there all by himself) they immediately vanished as I made incredible connections right away with interesting and open people, men and women alike. (My wife of 12 years who I am deeply in love with and is my best friend and life partner is very supportive of my exploration but is not interested in participating herself ~ I know, a bad job of screening up front by yours truly but back then I was susceptible to the social mores of society and polyamory wasn't really on my radar screen as a viable option.) I feel privileged to have been able to partake in the festivities yesterday and very much hope to have future enriching Club Exotica encounters. I realize you have a solo men policy and am planning to get a letter of referral (most likely from one of the community members I met yesterday). But this email is really just to say thanks, keep up the great work, and hello from your newest fan.”

“Heartfelt and sincere gratitude to each of you for igniting my heart with your wisdom and nourishing my spirit with your elegant words. I had a spectacular and unforgettable evening, eavesdropping on ecstatic dialogues about love and relationships and sexuality... we are the sex positive revolution that we've been waiting for!”

"Philippe, that was really awesome. I hope you guys keep doing stuff like that. It really set your event apart and my crew loved every second of it. Thanks very much!"

“Still on a high from Wednesday. Thanks for making two newbies feel so welcome...”

“Hi Philippe! Don't want to bug ya but wanted to congratulate you and Jocelyn for another A-MAYY-ZINGGG event! Thank you!”

"It was hard to tell how things would look like when we were setting them up, but once it was done, it was fabulous! And the decorations stayed up the whole night too! Great planning, amazing event. Looking forward to more!"

"Thank you, Philippe! last night was awesome. y'all should have a panel part 2 & make that the whole night... so many amazing minds @one table (btw did you notice the gender divide goin on?), I could have listened to them ALL NIGHT ?"

"Well, that was amazing."

"An incredible event ~ the space looked awesome! Thanks, Philippe Lewis and Jocelyn Agloro for all your hard work in putting this together!"

“Really an amazing event, and such an epic panel!”

“So much fun! Thanks”

“Thanks for organizing such a wonderful and truly blissful event. We had an amazing time. Peach and much love to you!”

“Once again you've created something truly beautiful and amazing. I loved it and am in such gratitude for your great efforts to create something special for our community. I made so many incredible and delicious connections. I look forward to helping create more special events. Many thanks!!!”

“One of the best parties ever!”

“Epic weekend. thanks for all.”

“Was blown away by the weekend!!! Thank you for making it workable for me. Very VERY grateful”

“Blissful blessed yumminess~ in deep gratitude~ best birthday EveR! ;-) ♥ much Love ♥”

“Great upbeat energy! Fun being with all of you this weekend & in-service aliveness ♥♥♥“

“A very enlightening experience ♥“

“Speechless and blissed out happy!“

“Yes, it was the BEST WEEKEND EVER! This is how we should all be living all the time. Thanks to Philippe and Jocelyn and all of the wonderful volunteers who turned a dream into Reality. You are all the BEST!“


“Best weekend ever? Why yes.. I think so.. :) Big love to you all and wishes for safe journeys home for everyone!“

“Hey i lost my heart in the woods. last i knew it went dancing down a dream after a Goddess on saturday night, so if you see it... oh wait, nevermind, here it is. i had it the whole time!“

“Thank YOU so much. i love you ALL.“

“I don't use the word Epic much... matter of fact the only other time I've used it was to describe Midsummer Night’s Wet Dream last year!“

“I’m -still- blissed-out! :) oxox”

“Yes, the afterglow is really thick this year. I still feel like I am embraced by the loving presence of our precious community.“

“Thanks so much, an amazing time, simply amazing.. thanks to all of you!“

“That was AMAZING! Thanks SO much! Love yall!“

“Holy sh~t! Let's just keep the ball rolling, kids! Good work.“


“I tried to share and explain some of the magic to others... But my words pale in comparison to the vibrance of my experience. Thank you ALL“

“I had a wonderful dream. I imagined that I had found heaven on earth on a mountain top surrounded by lavish comforts and beautiful friends filled with joy and celebration. I saw many of you there too so you must have been dreaming the same dream. Thank you everyone for sharing my dream come true. You can take the dazzling lighting effects home to keep living that part of the dream. “

“Great time this weekend, thanks to everyone for making this happen!!“

“Still feeling the energy of this sizzling partay! I loved the many fun conversations, seeing endless hot bodies writhing, having hot hot hot play with the man I adore, having a deliciously long makeout with a smoking hot young lad (thank you, D!), riding that vibrating missile o' pleasure machine, seeing some of the old OT gang, the welcoming shuttle ride in with yummy and funny drivers L and H (H, I might have to make out with you next year ;), going into a virtual frenzy watching the stunningly mesmerizing J in the circus act, waking up in the woods with the fog rolling in and hearing beautiful music being played, I could go on and on. We are all so lucky to have been there. Thanks to everyone who worked to make this happen....much love and gratitude to you.“

“Oh how I wish I could stay! I love you all. We are so blessed to have such open hearted community. I am so happy to have danced and frolicked with you! See you in October!“

“I tore off my wristband this morning. That's my cue to take all of the learning and love and happiness that was heaped upon me by all of you beautiful people last weekend and start spreading it around in the real world. Thanks so much for everything. I miss you all.“

“I decided NOT to tear mine of til after a pint and taco at the marin brewco. an older lady and a hot young lady sat down next to me at the bar. it was a mom taking her daughter out for her first beer on her 21st birthday. i barely had time to toast to her before the mom asked me about my wristband. lol. big grin. you reallly want me to tell you about that? :-) so i did. the mom was pretty consevative and traditional, so i didnt invite the daughter to the next one. until the mom went to the bathroom.“

“Heaven OR Hell would be hard pressed to throw a better party! Thank you to ALL who made the weekend what it was!“

“Mmmm mmmm! This weekend was a 'big' weekend for me on many levels of my life. Happy to report great success on all fronts. Thank you Club Exotica and all the sexy peeps who co-created the yummiest form of evolution ever!“

“Feeling much appreciation for this abundant and heart felt HOT weekend with you all. Thanks to everyone who contributed in its creation from its inception to its juicy plump end. Wait, did I just say that?... Tee-hee. Looking forward to seeing you again at the second base in Oct. Mreow ='.'=“


“What did they say about you doing the epitome? Well done sir, well done. :-)“

“♥ Bravo Yumaster Flash. :) xox“

“SupercalifragilisticEPICalidoc​ious! xo“

“Thank you thank you thank you for a delicious, truly transformative party. I came to Healdsburg already full of gratitude... for the ways your events have changed my relationships and my life... in ways you can only begin to imagine. And then this, you outdo yourselves yet again! It gets better and better.“

“So now that my body is back in 'reality', I've realized that my mind has remained behind in those whimsical woods... everytime I close my eyes I am whisked back there, I hear the sounds, smell, breathe the air, am treated to the most decadent visions... it’s not just me... when my lover made it back home Sunday, settling into bed, dead tired, we closed our eyes and were transported back there together, and... let's just say, sleep was no longer a priority. What a delightful gift you have given us.“

“Incredible, Delicious, Epic, Amazing and Beautiful! Wow!! Truly one of the best events I've ever attended (closely followed by last year's MNWD). I made so many incredible and delicious connections. I've been reflecting on the amazing weekend and recollecting the many beautiful experiences had by myself and others. Many many thanks for all the joy that you create... :)“

“Thanks for the amazing fantastic experiences!!! By the way, If you find a round green footstool like chair. I brought it up with my van. Thanks again Philippe & Jocelyn!

“Thank you for such a magical experience, and for the warm welcome to us LA peeps. Thanks so much to Philippe & Jocelyn for the opportunity to serve, stretch, connect, and be served.“

“True story! An amazing event, in an amazing place with an amazing vibe.“

“I just want to say thank you to Jocelyn, Philippe, and everyone involved at the venue this weekend! I also wanted to say how ecstatic it was for me to get to play so much music and be so warmly appreciated. It really means a lot to me - better than sex!“

“Thank you once again for am amazing party. As a recovering shy guy I have a deep appreciation of freedom of this event. It was truly liberating experience. Aho“

“Monday morning, I am sitting in the office. Down the hall I hear crack! and a woman's laughter. My mind immediately thinks; someone is getting spanked.“

“Thanks Philippe & Jocelyn for putting together another incredible weekend full of amazing people. I'm so grateful for and inspired by this community :)“

“Thanks again for a great event.. Amazing people, amazing place, great organization, wonderful meeting you and what you put forth... thanks!“

“Thank you for such a great party this weekend, and thank you again for allowing me to get in with J in such short notice ! Looking forward to your next shindig!“

“Extra fun weekend...thank you!! Music, performance, sweet. Appreciate all your work, and authentic presence!“

“if you want a life-changing experience:
1. take part in a 30-day ayahuasca ceremony in the amazon
2. do a month-long silent retreat in a monastery
2. participate in a Club Exotica event by Philippe & Jocelyn”

“Fantastic fun times with fabulous people - fuck yeah!“

“You are phenomenal!!“

“Yes Jocelyn and Philippe. You my beloveds are magicians!“

“First of all I wanted to thank you again for putting together yet another stellar event. I had a great time, made a lot of connections, challenged myself a bit by attending without S“

“I really felt like the older men really held it down and were beautiful role models for the younger guys . . . as well as being incredibly sexy. Sexiness is often attached to youth but the older men really proved that wrong. They were respectful, welcoming, warm, fuzzy and kind. That went a long way with me. I was able to interact with them throughout the weekend and was lucky enough to have the chance to tell one guy how I felt about him as an older man. Props to the community. It says alot when you can come together intergenerationally and kick it in style.“

“I bow to you. Your event was EPIC! Thank you for creating such an amazing space for our community to share. I enjoyed meeting you in person at last.“

“Choosing to do this weekend sober with my lover ended up being a great choice. We drove away from the event feeling so incredibly high. Connected and opened to one another in many new and delicious ways. And with a depth of intimacy and commitment to one another that was previously out of reach. This and MUCH more came out of the weekend for me. I am incredibly grateful to you both, as well as to this spectacular Open-Hearted, Sexy Community...“

“I'm still beaming from the weekend, as I loved being with all of you fabulous people -- so many heart connections. Thank you for putting this epic event together! It was magical!“

“In celebration we are united, and I go on now in my life to spread the love and joy that was shown to me this midsummer's weekend! purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. In LOVE, LIGHT, and the deepest gratitude ♥“

“Chalk up another epic weekend with the Club Exotica Crew! Nothing like a stellar group of people coming together to execute a well laid plan. Big ups to Philippe and Jocelyn for captaining the ship. It was a pleasure co-creating this wonderful space with you, G and the fantastic team you assembled. I am grateful to be apart of it. And looking forward to the next one.“

“This was amazing and healing.“

“I'm going to stay open on this: I am having an extreme amount of difficulty being back in the linear world. I can now better assess how little open touch and communication exists in the majority of this society and it breaks my heart. So I feel changed but I don't exactly know what to do with it, and I do not want to get pulled down by all the sweeping emotions of repression and regret that people exude without realizing it. I'm seeking advice, and continued connection, because this was too important, you're all treasures, and I can't step backwards. ♥“

“I still think I'm going to see people being intimate and pleasuring each other everywhere.. I can't even go into a super market.. :) I think this is how Barbarella felt..“

“I feel very blessed to co-create this space with all of you.“

“Thanks for omg the greatest party, fucking or otherwise, EVER! totally epic, great vibe beginning to end, top to bottom.“

“Open forms of loving and connecting are healing on so many levels, and can take us beyond the stories we tell about who we are and what we want. While this can be raw, delicious fun, it can also be one of the highest forms of spiritual practice, depending on how we bring ourselves to it. I can't wait to see where we're all going with this.. Love you!“

“When two or more people meet who have awakened to the evolutionary impulse, there is the potential for egoless relatedness. And that is what those of us at the leading edge who want to push the boundaries of our own spiritual development need to discover. We have to find a way to meet one another in a place we've never been before, in a higher state of consciousness and a higher stage of development that are unhindered by the influence of the narcissistic ego and the less enlightened values of our modern and postmodern culture. Anyone can experience egoless consciousness in the stillness and solitude of deep meditation. It is easy to be egoless when there's no relationship. But if we want to catalyze evolution in consciousness and culture, in the world of time and space, we need to make the heroic effort to go beyond ego not only when we are sitting quietly but, most importantly, while we are creatively interacting with one another, in the midst of all the complexity of human life.“

“Sexy vibes with sexy friends.“

“What a sweet and transformative weekend! As a Shakti, I felt entirely empowered to ask for what I want and decline what I don't want while honoring the enthusiasm of the Shiva's around me. The safety and playfulness makes it all work :o) Philippe and Jocelyn put great thought into every detail of the celebration to create an atmosphere that is safe, sexy and very unique. I've been to the event twice now, and each time I've had the experience of looking out onto the crowd of beautiful naked people dancing in the sunshine by the pool and thinking to myself, This must be paradise.“

“What can I say? In the beginning didn't know what to expect. Curiosity and fear was taking part of me. After arrival we met so many lovely, exciting, playful people. Beautiful! The environment, the house, the whole setting was excellent!“

“Mmm....something quite delicious and unexpected, the way I was able to let go and free myself but also be empowered to exercise my boundaries. I felt fully respected and honored. I allowed myself to express and be loved by my expression. Exquisite atmosphere, beautiful yummy people, festivities galore, all I could want and more. Party of the Year!“


“There aren't words to describe this place because it is like nothing else. It is a beautiful collection of warm, open, sexy people committed to making deep connections with each other and their inner selves.“

“No words can really describe the experience. Somehow, from the hearts and lusts of a group of people, a [sadly] temporary utopia takes place, and love reigns, in its wildest expression.“

“A peak life experience!“

“I went to this event expecting a weekend sexy party...what I was presented with was an out of this world experience in a totally stunning space. I could have never imagined a place where so many sexy, yummy, open people were able to be whoever they wanted to be and feel love from everyone else there. Daytime was so much fun but when the sun went down and the lights came on...Fucking Beautiful! And the music? Off the hook beats to move with...Amazing cast of DJ's and performers! I thought Burning Man was the party to not miss, this WAS the best event I have ever attended. I will be back next year and hope to help contribute more to make the event another stellar experience. Thank you to all who made this possible“

“Thank you guys for creating yet another epic, mind-blowing, incredible time!!!“

“Fantastic space and great accessible people. we had a great time dancing, swimming, massaging. did not get to classes this year but could not get up there until saturday. love the open easygoing crowd. safe and excited at the same time for amber. need a few more of these yearly.“

“Delightful. Joyful. Playful. Beautiful. Yummy.“

“Love the cool water, warmth on my skin from the sun and gazing at beautiful bodies surrounding me. i feel outside of myself, my daily job. i am able to be the person in my dreams who smiles and talks and flirts with those around me. i love who i am at midsummer, oh and i especially enjoyed being flogged by a woman and then a man while standing naked next to the pool..... love love love“

“I'm smiling sitting at coffee shop reminiscing about last weekend? What a wonderful dream. I love you all :-)“

“Wow... fabulous time! great djs, nice atmosphere, .and of course a really lovely group of people! you all are doing wonderful work, and i look forward to participating in different ways in the future! I had some beautiful connections and felt that i was able to do the personal research i was wanting to do while there... might even have some new friends out of the experience...“

“This was an epic and exquisite masterpiece, just like all of you! Truly special experience. So grateful to have been a part of this. Jocelyn, Phillipe , Greg! Thank you all, may all our lives be seeds of this sacred space into the masses, The goddess sighs with joy for humanities victory of love!“

“Just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for inviting us to that beautiful mountaintop on that magical weekend. It *truly* was an amazing event, and we feel privileged to have had the chance to join this wonderful community. We're still basking in the glorious afterglow, but are already looking forward to next year...“

“Thank you so much for arranging such a lovely event, filled with yummy sweet people. I feel so blessed I was able to participate. Thank you again! That party was a gift. Many blessings on your newly expanded family!“

“An absolutely amazing adventure... the best party that I have ever been to!“

“A very sexy party, in a prime location, with all details considered provided the perfect backdrop to play...exactly how I wanted to.“

“Stellar life changing, boundary-shifting, heart-opening, sex-positive event to really raise the bar of what a good party is all about. I've experienced a MAJOR reality check in my intimacy relations with people and how calloused I am in my 'other' life. Millions of doors just swung open for me, thankfully.“

“Luuuuuverly party, celebration, communal meld. So happy to part of it. Mmmmwah!“

“A fun party with sexy people and music in a fantastic location!“

“A beautiful bountiful feast for all of the senses!! A delightful concoction of something for everyone!! There was a luscious mixture of ages, energy levels & openness. The setting, music, food, lighting, performances and general splendor of the location were just perfect! Thank you so much for putting it together with such grace, style & panache.“

“A fabulous adventure into a sensual wonderland where any and all of your desires and Fantasies can come true.“

Feedback about previous events...

"So fun! Thank you Club Exotica, your parties got the love!!!" ~ CN

"Thank you for last night.<3 had a fabulous time!!" ~ A

"THANK YOU thank you <3 still picking purple confetti off my body/hair, everywhere! WHAT a BLAST!!!! <3" ~ LV

"My first 2nd base party and I'm hooked! I had such a fabulous time, thanks to all the peeps responsible for making this tasty treat go down! Much love..." ~ AF

"Thank you for another stellar event...I keep thinking they can't get more fun, and then they do! Xo" ~ CV

"Wow. what a gorgeous container you create and hold. I had so much fun - thank you!" ~ PF

"Great party!!" ~ L

"Hi Philippe & Jocelyn! Thanks for putting on a rockin' event and welcoming me to the bay area in style! much love~" ~ AR

"Wanted to take a minute to acknowledge the exceptional environment you created on Friday. From the people at the door who welcomed me in and painted my face with glitter, to the DJs and the contrasting environments in the big room and the small one, to the sustaining snacks that appeared like magic and were offered graciously, to the clarity and simplicity with which you handled some of the participants, and of course the incredible community that are drawn to your events, this was an amazing party. Great work, my friend." ~ JM

"Philippe & Jocelyn! Thanks for the gathering on Friday! Good times!" ~ VA

"We had a wonderful time performing for this amazing and sexy group of folks. Thank you for including us!" ~ SG

"What a fabulous night with fabulous people! Everyone was very open, welcoming, playful, and sexy. I appreciated the safe space that was created so we could all enjoy ourselves and just have a good time. I usually can't spend more than an hour or so in a club setting, but I was there for over five hours and didn't get home until 3am. Thanks for a great time!" ~ Nathan


"This really was one of the more lovelier parties I have been to. I felt taken care of every step of the way. There was never that moment of panic of "who is running this ship and are we going to crash?" All my needs had been thoughtfully considered and provided for, and I don't think I have ever had that complete experience (at a sexy party or otherwise!). It also didn't feel cliquey, the way Kinky Salon often does. No one seemed to be sizing me up, or judging my costume. I'm a very big, curvy girl, and often can get bad vibes for that, and while I didn't see any other fat folks (which is a bummer) I still felt totally welcome. Honestly, all I felt was sexy joy and connection with everyone! It was amazing!" ~ Tristy

"Beautiful sexy gathering at Adore Me Friday! Thanks for the sensual experience and hope to encounter some more!"

"The party was wonderful and I met so many kind, respectful people."

"Nicley done, Jocelyn and Philippe. So glad to be counted among your friends.
I had to miss as i've been sick, but I sent my wife and a posse of ladies and they said they had a great time. congrats on the new larger space, and finding your groove! Looking forward to the next one!"

"Had a beautiful time, thank you Philippe & Jocelyn."

"Hope you have gotten some rest after the party... I have barely recovered. I had a great time! The music was awesome and the crowd was amazing, so thanks so much for putting on a great party!"

"That was truly epic...thanks to you and yours Philippe & Jocelyn!!!"

"I adore you all! Thanks for last night, I had a blast. xoxoxo"

"♥ I had SO MUCH fun last night, swooning and musing up the lovers and beloveds ♥ My friend met so many of you whom I wanted to say an additional thanks too!!! xoxoxo hope to play with you again soon!"

"Had an absolute ball at 1015 last night - til 3:30am! Thank you, Philippe Lewis and Jocelyn Agloro - you throw awesome parties! ♥ ♥ ♥"

"That was a fantastic party - thank you so much! So much delectably playful sexy energy everywhere, and amazing job transforming 1015! Looking forward to the next one. :)"

"What a great night! We brought two friends who have never been to any 'sexy' parties before and they both loved it. There was a wonderful spirit of fun, generosity and sharing which lasted all night long... and the after party was pretty epic too ;) Thankyou all! xx"

"Thank you!!! Ambient lighting/setting was exceptional for laying down the mood, J's RED SPLASH-hair made us feel oh-so-special . . . Aharon's live music added a deep, sweet vibe . . . and thank goddess someone anchored the table/stage in front of the DJ booth at top level so we could rip it up there, cuz Jocelyn laid it down for REALS :) Everyone I mingled with got a little more adoring, and LOVED the party!"

"Have to say that Violet, with her flogger & paddle, got my night off to a good start. Hope she'll come again (to Supperclub)"

"I had an absolutely amazing time! Never encountered any tricky situations with guests. Brought out a few people who had never been to anything like it and you guys thoroughly blew their minds. Can't wait for Grind with Me! :)"

"..what a Night!!... xxx"

"I had a dionysian blast last night....truly! lookin' forward to more..."

"The 1015 party was really sweet. The music was uncommonly awesome. I liked that it wasn't so loud so we could talk which is important in an event like this."

"That was super fun! Thanks! :)"

"Hi Philippe! Thank you so much for the party the other night! The scene and atmosphere was just perfect. I shared an amazing scarf dance with a lovely lady that must have lasted two hours. I will definitely never forget this event. 

Thank you also for the delicious chocolates and letting me take them around on a plate to share. That was a marvelous way to meet new friends. 

Hope to see you at another of these events soon!"

"What an awesome party! Govinda rocked the House and the gal after him was amazing ! Thank you Thank you!"

"I had such an amazing and beautiful, decadent filled night with all the lovely folks who came out to celebrate! I even re-connected with some peeps who came to Seduce Me! I really enjoyed my card that instructed me to sensually dance with someone/for someone. Others really enjoyed the cards as well and I can't wait for Grind With Me!"

"Hey Philippe! Thanks again for gathering a great many lovable and loving people. See you soon!"

"I had WONDERFUL time! I felt like a little butterfly, fluttering around, making sure there were no sad faces i could see :) And might i say, a lot of peoples desires for the night did involve spanking, so my bootie got quite the lovely wallop! (including a couple first time spankers) Thanks for the opportunity to be included ♥ And might i add, the card was such a great help! xoxoxo i cant wait for the next one"

"Excellent second base party! I was pleasantly surprised by just how quality the vibe was...and excellent selection of DJs."

"I have to agree that I've never seen 1015 folsom look and feel so comfortable and swanky. 

I had a great time at the party, good music, awesome people and Alot of sexiness all around."

"Adore Me was superb. I had an excellent time, starting with Meriana and Hyrstian's Bulgarian badness... and on through several juicy women until 2:30am. Thank you for creating a sexy and delightful space!"

"Best party ever! I was blown away by the beauty, the respect, the energy on the dance floors, the performances, the music, and lack of weirdos! You two made everyone feel more glamorous than a rockstar"

"Such a magical evening. What a sexy bunch. Music was perfect. Venue was made for love. Let's do it again soon!"

"The SF Giants won with a Home Run that night and so did we. What a great time, thank you to everyone for bringing the love to SuppaClub...."

"WOW, What a party!.............. Philippe & Jocelyn, Great job in transforming SupperClub into our own unique party house! What a great spirit surging thru the wonderful friends, dancers, playmates and wild revelers! You two are quite the social scientists. Can't wait for your next gathering of the tribe!"


"Last night was epic!! Thank you for creating such a fun, sexy, and beautiful space!"


"THAT was so much fun! Thank you!!!"

"Congratulations!!! It was E P I C!!!"

"What a sensational evening! I was so pleased to be a part of it thank you!"

"Fantastic party on Sarturday! The atmosphere was very good - open, adventurous, respectful. A great space for it, outstanding DJs, and of course the chocolate was the medium for many a juicy interaction... Thank you!!!"

"Last night was SO much fun!! I really enjoyed being able to help out and be a part of the magic. ♥! You threw an absolutely awesome bash."

"Thank you so much for an amazing party: fantastic DJ lineup, beautiful people and fun performances. It was epic."

"That was an amazing event. please let me know if you need volunteers for future epic parties. I had an amazing time and I think most everyone I interacted and seduced did as well!"

"Yum yum yum! That was a great time and attracted an awesome crowd! Thank you so much for the vision and hard work!"

"I do not remember when was the last time I had so much fun, I am totally hungover and it was totally worth it. Thank you for doing such an amazing job!"

"I am so high. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

"So, we don't exactly do a whole lotta play parties. Very picky and finicky on such things. AND we've been to a number of good ones over the past few years. However, [my beloved] and I both say HANDS DOWN(!) that Arabian Nights was the all around best play party either of us have ever been to. The space was incredible. The caliber of people there was so friggin' high. AND I must say, I've never been to a play party that had SO MANY goddamn HOT people there. HOT people with great energy. [my beloved] and I both had a great time playing sensual djinn. The many interactions that I had in that role were really positive. And post-djinn role (well post-scheduled djinn role) personal play time was yum Yum YUM, as well. [my beloved] and i had some pretty big breakthroughs with the event, too. I could go on and on. Just so impressed. I do hope that Club Exotica will be planning something again, soon." ~ Destin Gerek, the Erotic Rockstar (

"Thanks for everything I had an amazing time. It truly opened me up and I didn't engage with anyone. Just having an open forum like that for people puts things in a different perspective and allows for other things to happen... I am very grateful for the grateful." ~ M

"In Club Exotica, you are transported into such a luxurious and decadent scene you may almost feel you don't deserve it. So remind yourself that of course you deserve it, because you are fun, sexy, and beautiful!" ~ Raerae

"The venue was beautiful, the food divine, and your ceremonial benediction about Sheherazade was one of the finest introductions I have heard in quite some time." ~ E

"Thank you so much for co-creating such a lovely event! I had a fantastic time and look forward to participating in future Club Exotica events! Hugs and gratitude!" ~ C

"Hello Exotic ones... Acknowledgment and gratitude to you all for the massive efforts and gorgeous container you provided for a remarkable occasion. I greatly enjoyed being the Hot Tub Djinni rain storm and all, my litter of tub-tins and I were quite happy throughout. Loved the heated hookah chill space!" ~ R

"We had so much fun! The people were so nice and respectful, we can't stop talking and remembering it. We're so grateful to be able to feel free somewhere!" ~ C

"I wanted to thank you one more time for putting together such a beautiful party. I felt so comfortable around everyone and met so many wonderful people... Everything from dancing, to playing, to even cleaning was great." ~ G

"I just wanted to thank you for a really lovely experience on Saturday night. It was a grand feast on many levels and I can only hope you will have more of these celebrations. I wanted to share one of my favorite moments which I hope will always stay etched in my mind. It was the end of the evening and there were some of us relaxing in the living room. I wanted some fresh air so I stood outside and leaned against the sliding glass door and watched the gusts of wind blow the billowing curtains as they framed the palm tree which was illuminated by the soft moonlight. As I listened to the sound of the rain pouring down and the sweet, haunting piano music I felt such gratitude for being a participant in this truly wonderful experience of love. Thank you so much for all of your efforts. I so look forward to the next gathering!" ~ A

"We just wanted to take a moment and tell you "Thank You!" for all of your hard work putting this event together. You did a spectacular job and we had a lovely time!" ~ G & R

"Wonderful, fun, amazing party! Thank you!" ~ S

"You guys just freakin rock! I am so happy to have been a part, in my own small way, of supporting the creation of this magnificent event." ~ P

"I had a blast -- you pulled out all the stops." ~ B

"Thanks a ton! That was a great event, and I think you made [my beloved's] month. She was so happy she said it felt like she was on another planet!! I was really happy to be there too. Nowhere else I would have rather speant my rainy Saturday night. Much appreciation!" ~ D

"Didn't think I'd stay till the end, but you saw me—giddy and drunk from all the wishes received and granted. when's the next one?" ~ S

"That was the most incredible beautiful magical valentine's i've had in my life. Thank you for making everyone's deepest wishes take form and come to sparkling life. You made magic that night!" ~ N

"Wow...just wow! Words cannot adequately describe what awesome fun was had at Arabian Nights. Thank you so much for holding and manifesting such a powerful vision! Everything I love about our underground community with the added playful dimension that I had not before experienced. I amazed myself at how comfortable and at home I felt and while I did not myself engage in any carnal pleasures, I was okay with just being present and in so doing made some amourous connections that may very well blossom. A huge thank you to Philippe and his fellow producers." ~ S

"I just wanted to say that I THOROUGHLY enjoyed having the opportunity to work as a greeter, party, and play with you and your charming collection of friends during the Arabian Knights affair. Phenomenal venue, outstanding level of organization and care, inspirational music, quality people, quality ingredients, it was all just top-notch." ~ D

"In a world where people feel like a MySpace friend is a connection, it is wonderful to meet and touch and dance and interact with REAL people. Everyone promises a memorable experience in their party invitation, but this party leaves you feeling different for days afterwards." ~ R

"Arabian Nights was not only a delicious party with hot people, a sexy vibe, and a warm atmosphere, but it was an opportunity for me to stretch my own personal boundaries and grow as a powerful woman in relationship and as an individual. It laid a foundation for clear communication with my (new) partner so that I could take ahold of my experience and make it work as well as it possible could for me. I loved seeing people walk through the door that I knew from other lifetimes, that somehow, we had met in the past under different contexts, only to find our way here at Arabian Nights to really grow more intimate from a fleeting meeting years before...what an unexpected treat that, in hindsight, doesn't surprise me at all." ~ A

"It was incredible, beautiful, inspiring! We had a great time seeing, interacting with/among so many lovely, sexy people. Being in rooms filled with such eroticism, good humor, personality, atmosphere and inhibition was nothing short of a veritable dream come true. We wish that life were like this, and that we could do this more often..." ~ A & S

"Really appreciated all the work that went into making an amazing experience. This was my first play party, and while I was a little nervous, I felt really safe and good in the space you created. Thank you!" ~ T

"I had no idea what to expect (first time) but I enjoyed myself - I felt the crowd was very welcoming and the vibe was very friendly/loving.

Aris Loved the ability to create my own story within the environment of everyone's participation." ~ J

"I've always dreamed of attending a party like Arabian Nights but was beginning to think it was a pie-in-the-sky idea that just wasn't possible. Thank you for renewing my hope in the possibility of a truly exotic, emotionally warm, romantic, juicy, fully-expressed, s.x positive gathering. The mark of truly great event is whether it inspires a desire to give back more next time. As a newbie, I felt overwhelmed with gratitude for the thought and hard work that went into creating this fantasy world. I hope to offer more tangible help in creating the next event." ~ T

"That party was so much fun! All night dancing, gorgeous space, great musicians, fabulous costumes, I loved it!" ~ M

"I think that what you set out to do, you achieved! I had the most amazing, fun, pleasurable time!" ~ S

"This was an epic production on a very wet day! It was an unusual way to spend a valentines day. It was full of beauty and wonder and great food and drink in a fantastic setting. Its too bad the outside could not have been better explored due the the weather. the team that created definately seemed very intent on creating the most lush experience for all the guests to feel mesmerized by" ~ J

"I had an amazing time. Everyone very much stepped up to play big, with in their costumes, their attitude, and loving and respectful actions. And I have no doubt that this is due to the momentum and context you provided for the event. The house is spectacular, warm, a little quirky, and full of little nooks to get dirty in. And I really appreciated the ceremonial ritual, which really helps frame the event. And the musical talent was top notch." ~ M

"It was a magical night. I loved the people, the music, the costumes, the DJ's and of course the magical venue really made it. Your attention to details was superb as host, hostess and crew didn't go unnoticed. I want to be there again and again." ~ L

"I had a wonderful evening and that was one of the best Play Party Experiences I've ever had. i could tell you guys put ALOT of energy into making it the fabulous and safe space that it was. The folks there was amazing, so was the ambience, the music, the ceremony, the energy was so HIGH. You guys rock and I sooooo appreciation that you put so much into making this event a total success. Thank you!! Mad Props!" ~ T

"This was my first 'play' party and it was a fantastic experience. The environment was really magical. All the love that went into the event was evident everywhere: the decorations, the food (incredible), the music, and the music. Everyone was very friendly, open, and respectful. I felt very comfortable. Thank you to the host and organizers!" ~ M

"Now, my whole life is a little sexier! My relationship to myself as well as my partners is blossoming and  deepening. Love it!" ~ D

"Great intentions, costumes, work efforts, decor, people. I felt comfortable & found most folks very open with a high level of awareness and consciousness. I like that kind of community. Words do little justice to the house as a venue for this party." ~ P

"Arabian Nights was the most authentic themed event I have ever attended. It was very refreshing to see an event managed so well. I was especially pleased that everyone adhered to rules regarding costumes and behavior." ~ J

"top flight in every way! lovely setting, lovely people, great beats, great food and drinks...intimate areas and spaces that made the evening feel intimate and private." ~ S

"It was everything I hoped for, and more. I didn't expect so many distinct spaces. The Djinnis and guests were awesome. Within minutes of entering, I was eating super-rich chocolate off of my date's nipple."

"I was very happy about the costume requirement, and the clear agreements. Knowing that everyone signed those had me feel much better about letting loose. I only saw one couple there that didn't seem to "belong" and they were tolerably naive." ~ X

"I don't know what it took to organize this, but THANK YOU. It was the best Valentine's Day I can remember." ~ X

"fantastic job! - altho i was locked into one small space for most of the night~ due to my characters constraints - there was a great welcoming committee and a a great spirit and aesthetic and the cirlce time was key - all those bright faces.. the theme was followed thru wholeheartedly and everyone i witnessed was happy and yummy.." ~ Sheherazade

"An incredibly sexy vibe. The costumes were amazing, the people sexy and charming, the space was fabulous and the food totally yummy. Fuzzy Philippe and Jocelyn Agloro know how to throw the very best parties." ~ M

"WOW! The most amazing party I've ever been to! I've never seen anything like it! The house! The music! The people! All beautiful! I can't wait until the next party!" ~ H

"This was the best party ever! I learned so much about myself that night, and I'm definitely still feeling its affects in every area of my life. This was an amazingly grounding experience, and the space was thoroughly inspiring. I can't wait for the next one!" ~ L

"Wonderful seductive sultry party! This was the first of these parties for my girlfriend and me, and we loved it... a welcoming home, dancing galore, diaphanous dresses, so many areas to explore, and a big roaring fire for late night. Thanks to you djinni who created this fantasy night for us all!" ~ J

I thought it was a totally wonderful night. Great people, fantastic venue, well organized and a great time!" ~ S